Digital Accessibility and Hearing Impairment

General tips for supporting D/deaf students during online teaching:

Hearing impairments vary from mild to severe or profound. Each student will be different. It is good practice to have early conversations with the individual to ascertain their needs. Do not assume that:

There are a variety of ways hearing impaired students may be supported, depending on their needs:

Consider that issues like poor bandwidth or internet connection may impact hearing impaired students in a different way to other students. For example, intermittent or poor sound quality may make the lecture impossible to follow or poor or pixelated video may impact the ability to lip read, see facial expressions, or see the hand movements of a BSL interpreter.


Early timetables are essential for setting up support. Delays with timetables and not having information about whether teaching will be online or in-person will have the following impacts:

Things to consider when you plan the lecture:

Things to consider when you set up: