MSc Dental Implantology

Dental implantology is a rapidly growing area of clinical dental care which can dramatically enhance the quality of life for dental patients who have suffered tooth loss. This programme delivers theoretical knowledge and practical clinical experience in the treatment planning, surgical placement, restoration and maintenance of dental implants.

A distance-learning programme for the busy practitioner

The MSc in Dental Implantology is a popular programme delivered by the University of Bristol in collaboration with The Dental Implant Clinic in Bath. This unique symbiosis enables a practitioner to gain the theoretical and practical knowledge to place and restore dental implants along with the knowledge of how to incorporate dental implants into a practice setting.

From Year 1 of the programme, you will gain practical experience of the use of dental implants in prosthodontic treatment within a supervised clinical environment. Your knowledge will develop through a combination of distance-learning modules and study days. You will also have the opportunity to carry out a research project or literature review in the third year of the programme.

The aim of the modular MSc programme is to produce caring, knowledgeable and skilful practitioners competent in the provision of the surgical and restorative aspects of simple dental implant treatment.

Did you know?

  • Certificate, Diploma and MSc awards are available
  • This part-time programme takes three years to complete
  • We offer access to outstanding resources through the clinical skills laboratory, Vesalius Clinical Training Unit, and Dental Implant Clinic in Bath.‌‌
Implantology student takes photo of a patients mouth with support of a supervisor

The MSc in Dental Implantology is an extremely professional programme combining both evidence-based clinical and theoretical approaches to implant dentistry in a harmonious and synergistic manner.

Elliot Ballantyne (MSc Dental)


Miss Grace Radford

Programme Co-ordinator


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