It's a good idea to think about funding your postgraduate degree as soon as possible. We can help you understand the costs and take control of your finances.

Student working in a lab. Research funding & scholarships

There are many funding opportunities available to postgraduate research students. Learn more.

Brexit and tuition fees

Find out how the UK leaving the European Union affects tuition fees for European Union applicants.

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The two main costs you will face as a postgraduate student are tuition fees and living expenses.

Tuition fees

Each postgraduate programme has a specific cost for tuition. Tuition fees are listed for each programme entry wherever possible.

Fees are quoted per year and are liable to rise each year. Please budget for up to an 8% increase per year (5% for students who started in the 2022/23 academic year or earlier).

The tuition fee includes charges for tuition, examination and registration. It also includes a contribution towards the cost of membership of the Students' Union.

Fee status

Fees vary between programmes and the amount you pay will depend on whether you are a UK or international student. If you are unsure which fees you should pay, read about how we determine your fee status.


Some self-funded international students on taught postgraduate programmes will pay a deposit of £2,000. You can pay this online

In some circumstances, you can apply for a deposit refund. Read our deposits refund policy.

Bench fees

Some programmes charge a bench fee in addition to tuition fees. Bench fees are charged when a programme (or specific project) incurs extra costs, such as specialist laboratory or field work. If you need to pay bench fees, they will be listed on the programme entry and on your offer letter.

Postgraduate research fees

Some postgraduate research programmes charge a fee for an extension to the usual registration period or for re-submitting a thesis.

Fee payments

If you are a self-funding student, or a sponsored home, EU or international student, find out more about how and when to pay your tuition fees.

Living expenses

Living expenses cover everything you will need to pay for other than tuition fees and include accommodation, food, travel and utilities.

It’s important to budget and plan your finances, especially as the cost of living is increasing in the UK and in Bristol. As a guide, most students spend between £9,000 - £15,000 per year including accommodation.

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