Deposits refund policy

This information refers only to applicants who have paid a deposit for a Taught Masters programme at the University.

The University policy regarding deposit refunds, which was made available to you at the time of your offer, is stated on the refund policy document (PDF, 244kB).

If you would like to apply for a refund of your deposit, you must use the dedicated application form (Office document, 49kB) and nominate the category under which you wish your application to be assessed. This will be either because you have failed to meet our entry criteria, or because your visa was refused, or because you have exceptional circumstances which you would like to request be taken into consideration.

Documentation is required to support your application. You must be able to produce a transcript or valid English language certificate to show that you did not meet the conditions of your offer, a visa refusal notice to show your visa was refused, or verifiable official documentation to support your claim of exceptional circumstances. Where an English language certificate is presented as evidence, it must demonstrate that you took the test after submitting your deposit.

Your completed application form must be submitted to the email address before 5pm on 16th November.

Refunds will be processed between 1st November and 1st December and you will be told whether your application for a refund was successful after this period. Where possible, a reverse transaction on the original credit card will be performed. Where this option has expired, a cheque will be drawn in your favour and posted to you. Please note - there are strict financial regulations regarding how this payment can be made. We will try to refund your deposit as quickly as possible given the specific options available.

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