‌CRICBristol, Bristol's Clinical Research and Imaging Centre, is a joint venture between the University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust and the University of Bristol.

This state-of-the-art research and imaging centre opened in February 2011. As a result of this unique collaboration between the University and the NHS people in Bristol and the South West are benefiting from the latest, high-quality, cutting-edge research being conducted locally.

What is special about CRICBristol?

CRICBristol is designed for studies in healthy volunteers as well as clinical populations. We can accommodate all levels of clinical need, from fully ambulant outpatients to anaesthetised in-patients, providing full resuscitation facilities.

With a direct link to St Michael´s maternity hospital (level B), the facility has been purpose built and designed for studies in babies and children as well as adults. CRICBristol conforms to all local and national standards of research governance. Our Lead Research Radiographer provides dedicated support for the full body 3T MRI scanner.  We also offer specialised imaging support at CRICBristol, as well as input and collaboration on research projects.

What research is conducted at CRICBristol?

We support the full range of research in humans. Current research taking place in CRICBristol include studies of neonatal MR imaging, brain injury, functional brain imaging, breast and prostate MRI studies, cardiac imaging, cardiac function and reserve during and after cardiac surgery, sleep disorders in children, adults and clinical populations.

When is CRICBristol open?

CRICBristol is open 08.30am - 5.00pm, Monday to Friday. Use of the facility at evenings, weekends, and overnight is also possible by arrangement. Please discuss your requirements with the CRICBristol staff.

Preparing an EEG cap for sleep studies
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