Learning environment for multilevel methodology and applications (LEMMA) 2

Award holders: Fiona Steele (PI)*, William Browne, Harvey Goldstein, George Leckie and Jo-Anne Baird

Period of funding: October 2008 – September 2011

LEMMA 2 was a node in the second phase of the ESRC-funded National Centre for Research Methods (NCRM). The mission of NCRM was to provide a strategic focal point for the identification, development and delivery of an integrated national research, training and capacity-building programme. The project built upon the work of LEMMA 1.

LEMMA 2 had four themes:

  1. Further develop multilevel modeling methodology to better represent and understand social processes
  2. Apply this methodology to address a range of important social science questions of national interest
  3. Develop infrastructure that allows comparison of and interlinking between statistical modelling frameworks
  4. Extend the TCB programme of LEMMA 1 (with a focus on online resources)

Thanks to the LEMMA projects LEMMA 1, LEMMA 2 and LEMMA 3 - an unrestricted version of the MLwiN software has been freely available to UK academics.

*After the death of Jon Rasbash in March 2010, Fiona Steele took over as the LEMMA Director and William Browne now has primary responsibility for software developments.

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