Training materials and online information about multilevel modelling and MLwiN

Introduction to Multilevel Modelling Using MLwiN, R or Stata in-person and online training course

Run in partnership with NCRM. Instructors: William Browne and George Leckie.

This three-day course held in January and July each year provides an introduction to multilevel modelling and includes software practicals in your choice of software: MLwiN, R or Stata. We focus on multilevel modelling for continuous and binary responses (dependent or outcome variables) when the data are clustered (nested or hierarchical). These models can be viewed as an extension of conventional linear and logistic regression models to account for and learn from the clustering in the data. Such models are appropriate when, for example, analysing exam scores of students nested within schools, or health outcomes of patients nested within hospitals. Special interest lies in disentangling social processes operating at different levels of analysis by decomposing the within- from the between-cluster effects of covariates (explanatory or predictor variables). Longitudinal data are also clustered, with repeated measurements on individuals or multiple panel waves per survey respondent. Throughout the course we emphasize how to interpret multilevel models and the types of research question they can be used to explore.

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LEMMA online course

Free online multilevel modelling course (or 'LEMMA course' - Learning Environment for Multilevel Methodology and Applications). This is a great resource, we only ask that you give us as much information as possible about yourself for our research into learning.

Multilevel modelling FAQs - introductory multilevel modelling FAQs and resources.



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