'Consult a lecturer' service

The University of Bristol’s Classics lecturers are keen to do what they can to support those teaching Classics locally, particularly those teaching the subject for the first time (or teaching a particular subject area for the first time). Accordingly, this academic year (2017/18) we’re trialling a new ‘consult a lecturer’ scheme.

If you’re currently teaching Classics in the South West and feel that you would benefit from a consultation with one of the University of Bristol’s Classics lecturers, please email Bristol Classics Department’s Outreach Co-ordinator, Will Guast (william.guast@bristol.ac.uk), who will do his best to find an expert who can help you. Consultations will normally consist of brief email exchanges focused on responding to teachers’ specific questions. If you are interested in more on-going support, please see our mentoring service.

Teachers are welcome to ask any questions they like, but areas for consultation might include:

  • Helping teachers to acquire, update or enlarge subject knowledge
  • Finding resources appropriate for use with students
  • Guidance in the vast and rapidly-changing scholarship on the ancient world
  • Suggestions for topics for essay-writing, EPQs or student projects
  • Ideas on how to go beyond the syllabus to provide extra challenge

Remember that there are no 'stupid' questions, even if some may be difficult or impossible to answer!

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