For schools

The hub can provide comprehensive support and guidance, whether your plans for Classics are modest or ambitious.

 What we can offer:

  • Tailored language training to equip non-specialist teachers at primary and secondary level with the skills to introduce Latin, Ancient Greek, Classical Civilisation or Ancient History into their schools
  • 'Refresher' days for teachers who would like to brush up on their language teaching
  • Advice and guidance for schools wishing to introduce classical subjects for the first time
  • Mentoring opportunities for teachers
  • ‘Consult a lecturer’ service
  • Support with writing applications to grant-making bodies (such as Classics for All)
  • Events, competitions and workshops for school students at all Key Stages
  • Support with accessing textbooks and resources

All forthcoming events and training opportunities will be publicised on the Events page and through our newsletter. If you would like to receive the hub newsletter (roughly once every two months), please sign-up online. 

What is Classics?

Classics is one of the most varied and interdisciplinary of all subjects and can include literature, history, philosophy, art and archaeology.

Why Classics?

Classical subjects can benefit schools and students in a number of ways.

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