Education study guide 2023/24

Education at Bristol

The School of Education's mission is to develop learning and leadership for a changing world. This it does through research and teaching that promotes achievement, opportunity, and social justice.

Understanding and improving education as a basis for opportunity and social inclusion is central to the health and future of societies.

Since it was founded in 1913, the School has achieved international prominence and distinction in developing the professional and academic skills of educationists in the United Kingdom and around the world.

Today, we teach and guide over 1000 students from more than 70 different countries in teacher training, undergraduate, masters’ and doctoral programmes each year. These programmes lead to careers in research, teaching, school leadership, educational and social policy, educational psychology, teaching English as an additional language, and many other fields.

Unit structure

The school offers many classes that are based in a single semester, and can therefore accept unit requests from Study Abroad students who want to join Bristol for just the autumn or spring semester.

Unit levels

The school offers units across all undergraduate levels of study: year 1 (level C/4), year 2 (level I/5), and year 3 (level H/6) units. Postgraduate units are not available.

Unit codes

Unit codes in the School of Education begin with 'EDUC'. This is followed by a number indicating the year (1, 2, 3). For example:

  • EDUC10000 = year 1 unit
  • EDUC20000 = year 2 unit
  • EDUC30000 = year 3 unit.

For more information about each unit, check the University's unit catalogue for 2023/24. Applicants on all study abroad programmes must review the unit details on the catalogue before listing unit choices on their application form. This includes checking the format of assessment for each unit. The unit catalogue for 2023/24 is expected to be updated by the end of April 2023.

Your unit choices cannot be guaranteed. Some units may not have capacity to accommodate all of the unit requests we receive. Registration on a unit also depends on whether you meet the pre-requisite conditions through prior study at your home university.

Study Abroad (Subject pathway)

If you have been nominated to Bristol on the Study Abroad (Subject pathway), you must take the majority of your credits in this department.

Units available on the study abroad programme in 2023/24

The following units from the School of Education are open to inbound Study Abroad students.

Year 1 (level C/4)


  • Education and Social Change (TB1) - EDUC10002 
  • Education, Climate Change and Social Justice (TB1) - EDUC10008


  • Learning Lives (TB2) - EDUC10003 
  • Researching Educational Questions (TB2) - EDUC10001 

Year 2 (level I/5)


  • Cognitive Psychology and Special Education (TB1) - EDUC20006
  • Educational Statistics (TB1) - EDUC20013
  • Language, Literacies and Identities (TB1) -EDUC20010
  • Policy and Research in Education (TB1) -EDUC20004


  • Curriculum Design for Learning (TB2) - EDUC20001 
  • Developmental and Educational Psychology (TB2) - EDUC20007
  • Education Viewed from the Global South (TB2) - EDUC20002
  • Researching Education in the City (TB2) - EDUC20003 

Year 3 (level H/6)


  • Educational Statistics (TB1) - EDUC30035
  • Globalisation and Education (TB1) - EDUC30032
  • Language, Literacies and Identities (TB1) - EDUC30041


  • Digital Cultures and Participatory Learning (TB2) - EDUC30024 
  • Exploring and Understanding Autism (TB2) - EDUC30047 
  • Pedagogies for Social Justice (TB2) - EDUC30033 

Year 4 (level M/7)

None available.

Application queries

Contact the Centre for Study Abroad inbound team if you have any queries about the application process for the study abroad programmes:

Phone: +44 117 39 40207


Students cannot audit units. Study abroad students are fully registered on units for credit purposes and must attend teaching only for classes that they are registered on.

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