Study Abroad (General pathway)

Find out about the Study Abroad (General pathway) programme and how to apply.

Programme details

You can choose units (classes) from across the University to create a personalised academic programme. You can take units in your major and minor, as well as other subjects that interest you.

Our faculties offer a wide variety of subjects. You can choose to take all of your units in one subject or mix and match across our faculties to create a diverse and intellectually stimulating programme.

Application deadlines 2024/25

You must apply and send the Centre for Study Abroad Inbound team your supporting documents by:

  • 19 May 2024 - full year or autumn semester (September 2024 entry)
  • 6 October 2024 - spring semester (January 2025 entry)

Who can apply

You can check with your home university or the Centre for Study Abroad Inbound team about which Study Abroad programme you should apply for.

If you have already been nominated for a placement at Bristol by your home university, this information is included in your nomination email.

Direct-enrol students and independent applicants can apply for any of our Study Abroad programmes, but the Study Abroad (General pathway) programme allows you the most flexibility.

How to apply

1. Check you are eligible

To be eligible you must meet both:

2. Choose your units

You can select all of your units (classes) in one subject or combine units from across different subjects to create a customised programme of study. On your application form you will need to tell us which units you would like to study.

Read the guidance on choosing your units

Read through the guidance on how to choose your units before you start your application to Bristol. The guidance will take you through how our unit catalogue works and which levels are most suitable for you, depending on your academic background.

Check the subject Study Guides

Every subject at Bristol has a specific list of units that are open to inbound Study Abroad students. Not all units in every subject are open to Study Abroad students. Check the subject Study Guide to see which units are open to you in each subject.

Study Guides will start to be published from April onwards for the following academic year.

Check the unit catalogue

Check the unit catalogue for further information about units that are open to you that you would like to study, including a unit description, assessment details and teaching weeks.

3. Apply

Applications are now open for the 2024-25 academic year:

Apply to the General Pathway programme 

Please note that applications must be completed before the relevant application deadline.

4. Send your supporting documents

As well as completing the online application form, you will need to provide:

  • a PDF copy of your online application form (created when you submit your application), signed by you. We can accept e-signatures
  • scanned copies of official transcripts from all universities you have attended, translated into English
  • evidence of English language proficiency
  • a colour copy of the personal details page of your passport.

If you do not meet the academic requirement you must also submit:

  • a letter of recommendation from a member of the academic staff at your institution
  • a statement from you on why your average does not accurately reflect your academic ability and your motivations for study abroad.

Please note that we cannot guarantee your acceptance onto the Study Abroad programme if you do not meet our requirements. Each application will be reviewed to assess your suitability for the programme.

Email your supporting documents to before the application deadline.

After you apply

Find out what you need to do after you apply.

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