Regenerative medicine and stem cell therapies

Our research is focused on turning stem cell biology into stem cell medicine to treat and improve the quality of life for patients whose chronic and life-threatening diseases remain untouched by pharmaceuticals.

Our approach is strongly interdisciplinary using state of the art techniques, including 3D bioprinting, cellular reprogramming, CRISPR-engineered cell lines expressing live reporter systems, high throughput/high content timelapse microscopy and computational image analysis, to study the growth and behaviour of pluripotent (embryonic and iPSC), adult and cancer stem cells.

The knowledge gained will allow us to harness the potential of stem cells for theraphies within the field of regenerative medicine. Conditions we investigate range from osteoarthritis, respiratory and heart disease, blood disorders and cancer.

Theme leader

Dr Wael Kafienah

Cartilage tissue engineering using embryonic stem cells: Top panel shows cells incubated on scaffolds coated with fibronectin, a sticky protein. In the lower panel, when protein is not included in engineering process, tissue fails to mature.


3D Bioprinting
3D bioprinting is used to recapitulate complex 3D biological architectures cell-by-cell, with applications ranging from organ-on-a-chip models for disease to bottom-up tissue engineering”.
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