International Digital Futures Network

The International Digital Futures Network (IDFN) is a network of leading institutes around the world working on designing, developing and interrogating digital futures through academic research, policy work, sociotechnical approach to technology co-creation and co-design, and development of new methodologies and facilities.

With Bristol Digital Futures Institute (BDFI) at the hub of IDFN, ours is a vibrant, interdisciplinary network of academics, researchers and universities, working at the intersection of engineering, technology, science, arts and social sciences.

Our vision is to be a global force for good, by drawing on a diverse spectrum of people across sectors and disciplines, to co-create new opportunities and initiatives that will meet the world’s needs.

IDFN mission statement: 

The International Digital Futures Network connects new global interdisciplinary institutes to expand and foster research capacity across institutions, sectors and geographical borders. Our collaborative approach responds to pressing issues by generating and advancing new understandings and providing thought leadership to drive innovation and create inclusive and sustainable digital futures. 

We hold regular meetings and events throughout the year and are in the process of creating visiting fellowship opportunities. 

The IDFN membership currently includes:

We welcome new members and are looking forward to growing the IDFN community.

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