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We’re working with 26 partners from world-leading technology businesses, industry and creative companies to local government and community organisations. By working together, we can build better digital futures for all.

Partners are engaged with our researchers in a wide variety of projects and events with community, civic or industry focus.

Discover some of our live partner projects in Explainable AI with LV=GI, network development with BT, skills gaps in the telecoms industry with TM Forum and the digital divide with Babbasa, Black South West Network and Knowle West Media Centre on our project pages.

Partners and researchers come together to make new connections, discuss projects and digital futures themes at our hosted seminars, conferences and symposiums.

As we grow, facilities such as the Neutral Lab and Reality Emulator will make new kinds of digital research possible at our Temple Quarter Enterprise Campus hub.

This is what some of our partners had to say about working with us during our May 2022 symposium:


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We’re supportive of the new dialogue proposed to co-create and design relevant support, services and products to connect communities, so their intellectual, economic social and civil assets can be unlocked for the benefit of society.

Richard Thickpenny, Business Development Manager, Ashely Community Housing

We believe that the work carried out at the Bristol Digital Futures Institute will enable us to develop ways of improving our data collection and better understand how we can interact with digital technology moving forward.

Chris Golby, CEO, Evolyst

This great partnership will help TM Forum members be better informed about socio-technical thinking, to support new business models, markets, products and services.

Nik Willetts, CEO, TM Forum

In fast changing times it is vital we create spaces to thoroughly explore technology from all angles - the Bristol Digital Futures Institute will extend our cutting edge research collaborations which include Mobile Bristol, REACT, the 5G test bed programme.

Clare Reddington, CEO of Watershed
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