Bristol Digital Futures Institute

The Bristol Digital Futures Institute will transform the way we create new technology, to benefit our society. The digital world is embedded in our day to day lives, but how much do we know about the opportunities or challenges?

This is a hugely exciting project, not just for the partners involved but for the whole of Bristol. The way we consume our media is changing rapidly and the BBC has been at the forefront in finding new ways to tell stories and reach new audiences. The Bristol Digital Futures Institute will be a key piece in the puzzle to learning how we can all make the most of the digital revolution and we are proud to be a part of it.

Stephanie Marshall, Head of the BBC in the West and South West

For the first time, University of Bristol engineers will work with social scientists to help tech giants, corporations, local government and community partners answer these big questions and research exactly how technology will be used and experienced in the future.

Cutting-edge labs at Temple Quarter Enterprise Campus will test different cyber-attack scenarios on critical infrastructure; emulate future cites to test-drive the newest vehicles; or explore how different children would experience the classrooms of the future. This knowledge will be shared to help create a better digital world.

Engaging audiences emotionally and authentically with screen based entertainment is a little understood art. The Bristol Digital Institute will build new knowledge using state of the art facilities to create truly immersive and engaging experiences with the aim of supporting the creation of the next world class character franchise like Wallace & Gromit or Shaun the Sheep here in Bristol.

David Sproxton, Co-founder of Aardman

It provides an opportunity to think about our futures differently – to build on expertise from right across the university in collaboration with industry, government and people in the city; to think about the world we are creating with digital innovation and ensure that this is ethical, socially responsible and inclusive - helping to support the creation of future ‘tech with a conscience’.

Professor Nishan Canagarajah, PVC Research

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