PreScribed (a life written for me)

My life is ludicrous
I am a success
Every day I engage in a rapid series of one way interactions in which

Emotive and witty dance theatre examining the side effects of being a General Practitioner (GP). A story of struggling when you’re not “supposed to”, of feeling set up and ashamed, and of finding your way through.

The UK has 65,000 registered GPs and it is estimated that one in five of them currently experience some form of anxiety or depression.

Pre Scribed (a life written for me), from performance artist Viv Gordon, who has lived experience of mental ill health, explores research being undertaken into understanding the barriers to help-seeking and improving access to support for the thousands of GPs living with mental illness. The 'Improving access to support' research project is led by University of Bristol researchers Ruth Riley and Johanna Spiers.

Read a blog post about the collaboration from researcher Johanna Spiers.

This three minute video captures key elements of the performance, and the research that inspired it.

Promotional Image from PreScribed. Credit: Carl Simpson

In April 2016 Feel It festival ran an open call for a commission to explore research into the experience of being a GP and the mental illhealth faced by that community. More information on the commission and the research here: Feel It festival Artist Call Applicant Guidance Notes (PDF, 277kB)

Having received a staggering number of impressive applications the first Feel It festival open commission went to performance artist Viv Gordon.

Viv Gordon has lived experience of mental ill health and won the Judges' Individual prize at the Arts and Health South West Awards 2015 for her contribution to the field.

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