Measure of Breath

If breathlessness is an invisible condition, what would happen if it put on a sparkly suit and took centre stage? What would it say?

In The Measure of Breath, circus artists Maddie McGowan and Ziggy Slingsby draw on the research of Havi Carel, from the University of Bristol and the Life of Breath project, to explore the effects of pathological breathlessness on an individual’s life; from the collapse of the everyday sense of bodily control, to the altered trust in our bodies.

This three minute video captures key elements of the performance, and the research that inspired it.

Join a surreal circus journey into experimental aerial choreography, text and imagery in an experience which is exquisite, delicate and raw. A piece that gives voice to this silent condition. The Measure of Breath also builds upon 'Unseen pathways', a project led by Ziggy Slingsby which asks whether greater awareness of the unseen body - our organs, fluids and nervous system support - can offer a different agenda for devising aerial performance.

This project is the result of an open call in July 2016 by Feel It festival  (open only to Circomedia alumni) for a commission to explore research into respiratory illness and the lived experience of pathological breathlessness. More information on the commission and the research here: Guidance for Applicants: Feel It Festival/Circomedia Call for Performers 2016 (PDF, 380kB)

This three minute video gives an introduction to the Life of Breath, the research project that inspired the piece.
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