Puberty questionnaires

Puberty questionnaires - completed by the main carer to start with, then carer and child together, and finally by the child alone

TitleFileTimepointsCollection DatesNumberQuestionnaire
Growing and Changing PUB1 97 months 30/Sep/1999 - 24/May/2001 6255 Questionnaire (PDF, 222kB) Questionnaire (PDF, 160kB)
Growing and Changing 2 PUB2 115 months 15/Feb/2001 - 4/Nov/2002 7017 Questionnaire (PDF, 1,057kB) Questionnaire (PDF, 169kB)
Growing and Changing 3 PUB3 128 months 4/Feb/2002 - 28/Nov/2003 6629 Questionnaire (PDF, 1,208kB) Questionnaire (PDF, 150kB)
Growing and Changing 4 PUB4 140 months 3/Dec/2002 - 5/Nov/2004 6293 Questionnaire (PDF, 2,312kB) Questionnaire (PDF, 149kB)
Growing and Changing 5 PUB5 157 months 28/May/2004 - 11/Apr/2006 6075 Questionnaire (PDF, 1,896kB) Questionnaire (PDF, 236kB)
Growing and Changing 6 PUB6 175 months 26/Apr/2006 - 27/Sep/2007 5163 Questionnaire (PDF, 4,249kB) Questionnaire (PDF, 593kB)
Growing and Changing 7 PUB7   - 4867 Questionnaire (PDF, 1,013kB) Questionnaire (PDF, 663kB)
Growing and Changing 8 PUB8 192 months 1/Mar/2007 - 13/Feb/2009 4760 Questionnaire (PDF, 1,002kB) Questionnaire (PDF, 652kB)
Growing and Changing 9 PUB9 204 months Jan/2008 - Feb/2010 4370 Questionnaire (PDF, 788kB) Questionnaire (PDF, 335kB)
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