Access data and samples

We welcome requests from all researchers to access ALSPAC data and samples, whatever your research area, institution, location or funding source.

We can also help you collect new data and samples through a variety of activities, including whole cohort questionnaire collections, recall-by-genotype substudies, small-scale qualitative interview studies and clinic-based biomedical measurements.

Request existing data

  1. Please read the ALSPAC access policy (PDF, 621kB) which describes the process of accessing the data and samples in detail, and outlines the costs associated with doing so.
  2. You may also find it useful to browse our fully searchable research proposals database, which lists all research projects that have been approved since April 2011.

  3. Please submit your research proposal for consideration by the ALSPAC Executive Committee. You will receive a response within 10 working days to advise you whether your proposal has been approved.

If you have any questions about accessing data or samples, please email (data) or (samples).

Request access to the ALSPAC study history archive

Use of the ALSPAC study history archive is subject to approval from the ALSPAC Executive Committee. For more information on how to apply to access this resource, please visit the University's Special Collections website.

Supporting documents

Once your research proposal has been approved, you will be assigned a data buddy who will help you at every stage of your project. They will send you the relevant paperwork and documentation for accessing the data and samples. However, should you wish to look at any of these documents before submitting your proposal, you can do so via the links below.‌

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