HPC support and training

Getting started with HPC 


You will need to understand basic linux commands to work on our HPC systems. If you are new to linux we recommend you follow this short Linux tutorial.

BlueCrystal 3

Most users will be using BlueCrystal Phase 3, and should use the following guides to get up and running on BlueCrystal 3.

 There are also several How-to guides for BC3 on more specific HPC topics. 

BlueCrystal 4

If you need to run large parallel jobs or have specific software requirements our team may have advised you to use BlueCrystal Phase 4. 


Our team run a programme of workshops in the autumn and spring terms to help our users get up to speed with Linux and HPC. 

Workshop slides and online training material is also available on our ACRC training page.

HPC help and support

Please read our HPC user guides and how-to guides. Email hpc-help@bristol.ac.uk will full details of your problem or error if the guides don't answer your question.

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