Redland covers a very large area from up by the Downs to the Gloucester Road, it's a popular residential area with students.

Check carefully where the property is as it could be quite a long way out. Walking to the main campus could vary from a 10 – 45 minute walk. Accommodation is mostly in Victorian terraces which have not been built for multiple occupancy, so dividing walls tend to be very thin.

Cafes, pubs and shops are clustered in smaller groups, eg around Chandos Road with the main shopping areas on Whiteladies Road or Gloucester Road.

There are lots of narrow streets, especially in the more central areas which make parking and driving difficult. Controlled parking zones have also now been extended to this area and we urge you to leave your car at home.

What they say

Rents can be cheap or expensive depending what you want. Shopping can be a hassle, but everyone else puts up with it and it's not that bad.

There aren't many disadvantages to living on Whiteladies Road. You have Sainsbury’s [a large supermarket] and loads of bars. It's expensive and quite loud, but really near the University. You can live with loads of people in big flats.

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