Kingsdown and Cotham

Kingsdown is largely a residential area next to the main University precinct. There’s a good mix of properties in Kingsdown, including some quite modern flats and houses and a studio development at Holly Court. There are plenty of good pubs, cafes and shops.

Cotham is kind of in between Kingsdown and Redland and is a similarly leafy residential area with plenty of huge houses that are let as a whole or which have been converted into flats.

Bristol City Council has introduced a controlled parking zone to much of these areas which is likely to restrict residents to one or at the most two cars per property. Fortunately you can walk to the University in as little as two minutes and 20 at the most.

What they say

Living in Kingsdown is so convenient: it's next door to the University, literally. And of course, there is the added bonus of The White Bear pub.

There is supermarket, a great bakery and a fruit and veg store right on your doorstep.

It depends where you live in Cotham as to how good it is. Cotham Hill is very near Whiteladies Road and has lots of shops, cafes and bars on your doorstep. It is also really near the University. The rents are okay; they tend to vary according to the quality of the house.

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