Current tenants

Your University tenancy

Once you have accepted your tenancy with the University and move in you become a tenant and the University is your landlord. On these pages you can find an outline of some of the main interactions that you might have with us about your tenancy.

You can also log in to your Accommodation Portal to view your agreement at any time while living in your room and at look to your residence guide for everything you need to know about life in your residence in one place. 

Your tenancy agreement

Once you have checked in to your residence you can log in to your Accommodation Portal to view your tenancy agreement at any time.  

Paying your rent

When you accept your tenancy with us you make a legal agreement to pay rent at the rate shown by the payment dates. Find out how and when to pay. 

Cancelling your tenancy

If you want to move out after your tenancy has started you will need to understand the implications for your rent and how to notify us that you plan to leave.

Moving out

To avoid any charges being applied after you move out, you should leave your room clean, free of rubbish or unwanted items, and return all your keys.

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