9.6 Results

9.6.1 Approval of recommendations 

The Examiners’ recommendation is provisional until approved by the RDEB. The RDEB has the authority to agree, alter or reject the result recommended by the examiners.

The examiners’ independent preliminary reports, their joint report and, where relevant, the report on the taught element of the degree must be sufficient to enable the RDEB to assess the scope and significance of the work submitted by the candidate and to determine whether the candidate satisfies the University's criteria for the award of the research degree. The RDEB also receives the report from the Independent Chair (if appointed) on the conduct of the examination.

The examiners' reports will be considered at the next practicable RDEB held after their receipt. Reports received less than two weeks before the date of the Board will not normally be considered until the following meeting. Dates of meetings of the RDEB and deadlines for receipt of reports are available online.

The result of their examination will be sent to candidates by email and post normally within two weeks of the RDEB’s decision.

9.6.2 Requirements for submission of the final dissertation or published work 

Candidates must submit an electronic copy of the final dissertation through the Pure website website (see guidance webpages). Candidates must submit their final dissertation or published work within 28 calendar days of their award date, or, where there are outstanding minor errors, within 28 calendar days following confirmation of the satisfactory completion of their corrections. Guidance on the formatting is available in Annex 4

It is permissible to make a request for deferred access to the dissertation (see Section 9.2.5), but the final dissertation must be submitted as normal. Where a partial deferment has been granted, both the redacted and full versions are required. A cover sheet must be integrated into the redacted version with a statement on the redactions agreed by the candidate, supervisors and any industrial sponsors (see Annex 4).

In exceptional circumstances, where this has been approved by the Associate Pro Vice-Chancellor (PGR), the deferred dissertation will be held on a University server – rather than on Pure, the standard depository platform – during the deferral period. In these cases, a mediated submission process will be used.

The electronic copy should be in pdf format (or other format acceptable to the University and appropriate to the medium), as agreed with supervisors and should normally be identical to the examined version except where any materials which risk breaching a third party’s copyright or privacy require redaction from the publicly available copy. Where there are contractual, security or safety obligations, a request for a full or partial deferral must be made (see Section 9.2.5). See depositing guidance webpages for more information

The dissertation will not appear in the repository until it has been approved by the Academic Quality and Policy Office and the Library.

Degree certificates are made available after degree ceremonies. The degree certificate will be withheld until the candidate has complied with the requirements for submission of the definitive form of the dissertation or published work and commentary as set out above.