Wills Hall Bedrooms

Wills Hall bedroomThere are four different room types available at Wills Hall:

The accommodation fees for the hall are on on our website here.  There is a breakdown of these fees, plus details of accommodation fees at the other halls of residence on the Accommodation Office website.

Old Quad Rooms

Old Quad Rooms are the oldest and largest rooms in hall.  All the blocks are single sex.  The rooms contain the original features from when they were built in the 1920's, including oak panelling and the original fire places (sadly no longer working).  Each room has a wash basin, with shared showers, bathrooms and toilets off the hallways.  Each block in Old Quad houses between 9 and 12 students who share 1 pantry in each block.  Click on the images below.

Shared Rooms

E & I Block in the Old Quad contain 10 shared rooms.  These rooms are in fact pairs of rooms which were originally intended for single occupancy by a senior member of hall.  Access to the inner room (B) is through the outer room (A) and there is a door separating the two rooms which allows the occupants privacy.

XYZ Rooms

XYZ Block was built in the 1960s and is undergoing considerable refurbishment during summer 2011.  The blocks have 3 floors, each with single sex corridors of up to 8 rooms.

The refurbishment will see new double glazed windows, new flooring, new furniture (including 4ft beds) and a wash basin installed into every room.  The pantries and bathrooms will be renovated and extra shower rooms will be installed.

Pictures will follow when the building work is complete but in the meantime the plans are on the Accommodation Office website.

UVW Rooms

UVW block is the newest in Wills and was opened in 1990.  It is made up of 3 floors of mixed sex corridors with around 40 rooms per floor.  All the rooms in UVW are en-suite with a shower, sink and toilet.

Each floor also has a lounge, which contains the pantry facilities as well as some easy chairs and a table.  Click on the images below.