Junior Common Room

The Junior Common Room committee (JCR), is made up from students at University Hall.  They look after entertainments, welfare, sports and aim to cater for the interests of all students. Your suggestions and/or involvement would be welcomed.  Events at University Hall have included the Hall Formal dinner, paintballing, speed dating, Christmas parties, Sports Days, Hog roasts, pool competitions, drama productions and many, many, more!

The JCR notice board posts details of events, sports and other general details.

You automatically become a member of the JCR when you become a resident of University Hall.

Freshers’ arrival is a very important date in the Hall calendar.  The JCR have organised a varied timetable of activities in both the days and evenings to help you settle in and get to know the other students at University Hall.  A facebook group has been set up for University Hall Freshers with details of the programme.  You will be invited to join when you receive your accommodation offer at University Hall.