Junior Common Room

All residents of University Hall are automatically members of the Junior Common Room, or JCR. The JCR has a committee of students who are elected by hall residents during the first two weeks of the academic year. Once elected, the committtee will be in post until the following July. The committee represents all residents of University Hall.

The JCR committee are responsible for organising the University Hall Welcome week events, and other events that are held throughout the year, such as the Hall Formal dinner, paintballing, speed dating, Christmas parties, Sports Days, Hog roasts, pool competitions and drama productions.

Returning next year

University Hall allows a small number of students in their second or subsequent year of study to return to the Hall each year (usually around 5 students). The returners are generally expected to help form the community of the Hall and are often involved in the Junior Common Room.

Further information on accommodation applications for returners is available in the current students section of the Accommodation office website. Vacancies are usually advertised in the spring term.

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Students at the University Hall ball