Hall staff

At University Hall, in addition to its staff, we have a team of Senior Residents, a Deputy Warden and the Warden, who is in overall charge of the Hall.  The Hall is managed in compliance with the Universities UK Code of Practice.  Full details are available from the Accommodation Office.

The Warden, Deputy Warden and Senior Residents are referred to collectively as the Senior Common Room (SCR). 

Tilly Beech (Warden)

The Warden assumes overall responsibility for the management and administration of the Hall, its students and its staff. A central part of this role is to create a supportive and rewarding environment during the students' first year at University.

Ali Mokrane (Deputy Warden)

The Deputy Warden leads the Senior Common Room, which is the collective name for the Hall's Senior Residents. He also supervises the Senior Residents responsible for the Junior Common Room (JCR) which organises entertainments and events at the hall's bar.

Although both the Warden and Deputy Warden live on site, they have other commitments outside of University Hall.  If you wish to see the Warden privately, please make an appointment via your Student Support Administrator.

A Senior Resident is responsible for the pastoral concerns of around 50 students. In addition, working on a rota basis, a Senior Resident responds to after-hours emergencies. As they are senior residents they should be contacted in the first instance in case of any difficulty or emergency when the Hall office is closed. They are also happy to talk over and help with any problems of a more personal nature. If something is wrong or troubling you, do not hesitate to approach them to discuss it.

The names and contact details of Senior Residents on duty are displayed on the main front door to the administration building. The Senior Resident is available from 6.00 pm to 11.30pm each evening.

Liz Posner (Student Support Administrator)

The Student Support Administrator deals with all student administration and is the main point of contact for all student enquiries. She arranges the Warden's appointments and is the main liaison between the Hall and the University's academic departments.

Ann Tan  (Accommodation Manager)

As the most senior member of the operational staff, the Accommodation Manager has overall responsibility for the day to day running of University Hall, the maintenance of the buildings, the general administration of finance and the welfare of staff.

A team of operational staff supports the Accommodation Manager