Bus fare information

First Bus

Students and staff can benefit from discounted fares on First Bus services across Bristol and further afield.

The best First Bus fares are normally available as mobile tickets (m-tickets) which can be bought and stored on your mobile phone using the Fiirst Bus app (just search ‘First Bus’ in your app store).

Further information on First Bus website.

Bristol Unibus U1 and U2 services

A range of special passes and fares are available for the Bristol Unibus U1 and U2 services linking the North Residential Village and Langford to the Clifton Campus.

Further fare information is available on the Bristol Unibus website

Discounted annual bus passes for University staff

University staff can buy an annual mTicket pass for all First buses in the Bristol Zone at the exclusive price of £572 (normally £715). This is the cheapest option for bus travel in the Bristol Zone, if you are a daily passenger, and offers a bigger discount than the 10% reduction available through the Commuter Travel Club.

Annual mTicket passes for the First Bus Portway and Brislington Park and Ride services are also available to University staff at the special price of £469 (normally £550).

To take advantage of these fantastic discounts, complete this online webform using your University email address, specifiying the ticket you wish to purchase, your name, job title and department name. First will then send you a voucher code to use on the First Bus app which will enable you to purchase the ticket at the special rate. 

Commuter Travel Club

The University is a member of the First Bus Commuter Travel Club which offers staff discounts of up to 10%. This option is likely to be the best if you are buying an annual ticket and want to spread the payments over a period of time via the University's Interest-free loan scheme - see below. 

Below are some step-by-step instuctions to purchasing your discounted ticket via the Commuter Travel Club

Interest-free loan for University staff

Staff can spread the cost of an annual pass for the First Bristol Zone and First West of England Zone by applying to the University for an interest-free loan. Please note that Commuter Travel Club prices apply to passes bought in this way, and staff who wish to take advantage of the special 20% discount on the Annual First Bristol Zone pass need to purchase this ticket in one go via the First Bus app - see above.