Submit supporting documents

Required documents

Whichever programme you apply for, there are standard documents that you will need to provide with your application:

  • Two academic references (see further information on references below);
  • University degree transcripts to date (transcripts are documents showing your grades for individual units or essays and exams throughout your degree);
  • University degree certificate(s);
  • English language certificate, if your first language is not English, to show that you meet the English language requirements for your chosen programme.

International applicants should submit scans of original documentation in the language of the country it was received in. They must include a certified translation of all documents to English. Translations must be signed or stamped by an official translation service or education provider.

How to submit additional documentation

If you have already submitted your application, you can attach additional supporting documents to be considered for your application using the 'Post-Submission Uploads' section of the online application System

Help is available in our guidance for online applications.

We are unable to receive documents for your application via email.

In exceptional circumstances, we may accept documents posted to the postgraduate admissions team for the appropriate faculty or school. However, please make every effort to upload your documents online, as sending documents separately by post may cause a delay in your application being assessed. If you need to post documents to us, you must include the following details:

  • your full name
  • your date of birth
  • your applicant ID number
  • the name of the programme you are applying for.

Use the applicable school or faculty address for delivery.

How to submit Evidence for Conditions

If your offer is made with conditions attached, please make sure you let the admissions team know when you have met these conditions, and provide the necessary documentary evidence as soon as possible.

You can provide documentation showing you have met your offer conditions by logging into the online application System and uploading them using the "Evidence for Conditions" section. The documents will then be checked and you will be informed by email if you have met the condition(s).

Check the admissions statement for your programme for any additional documents. For instance, research applications may need a research proposal. 

Certified copies of documents

We accept certified copies of documents for interim degree documentation only. For completed degrees, you should submit a colour scan of the original official documentation.

In circumstances where international applicants have to post us documentation, you may keep original documents for a visa application and submit certified copies to us.

A certified copy has been approved as a true copy by a relevant authority. You can ask your university, your local British Council, a solicitor or another professional person to certify documents for you.

Missing degree certificate or transcripts

We need your degree certificate(s) and transcripts in order to make a decision on your application. If you do not have these documents, you must ask your university to provide another copy. They may charge you for this service. In exceptional circumstances, you may be allowed to ask your university for a letter confirming your award and final grade instead of a degree certificate.

Providing documents if you haven’t graduated

If you’re waiting to graduate and can’t provide a degree certificate, please apply as usual. Include your transcripts to date (e.g. if you are a third-year student, please include transcripts from your first and second years). Please ensure your transcript shows details for every year of your programme.

If an offer of study is made, it may be conditional on obtaining the required final grade in your degree. You will then be asked to provide evidence to meet the condition.


You are required to submit two academic references (minimum) for us to consider your application. Applications received without references will not be processed. It is your responsibility to ensure that we receive your letters of reference.

References should be submitted electronically by the referee, using the online reference form. Alternatively, scanned copies of the original reference document(s) can be uploaded by the applicant. 

References must be written, signed and dated on official letter headed paper from the referee's organisation. They must include the referee’s full contact details, i.e. postal address, telephone number and organisation email address. A reference template is available to show the required format. References supplied with a personal contact email address will not be accepted unless under exceptional circumstances, which must be explained within the reference. All references should be dated within the last two years.  

If you graduated more than two years ago, or if professional experience is relevant to the application, professional references will be accepted in lieu of one academic reference. At least one referee should be familiar with the applicant's academic work.

Additional References: Applicants are welcome to upload additional references to further support an application. Professional references from work experience in a related field and/or industrial placements can help an application.

In exceptional circumstances, we may accept documents posted to the postgraduate admissions team in the faculty or school. However, please make every effort to include your references online, as sending documents separately may cause a delay in your application being assessed. Please read the guidance below on submitting a reference. We are unable to accept references via email.

Submitting a reference

There are several ways you can provide references:

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