Take your Happiness Pulse

Your wellbeing is important to how you feel and function as a student, and in the rest of your life. The University is launching Happiness Pulse to help you learn about what makes you happy and how we can make your University a happier place. It will ask you questions, give you scores, and help you explore how to make any changes. Try it today!

Take your Happiness Pulse

What is Happiness Pulse?

Happiness Pulse is an online, wellbeing self-assessment tool and resources developed by Happy City in collaboration with academics at the University of Bristol and other experts in the field of wellbeing.

What does it involve?

You will need to answer some questions related to your wellbeing, your demographics, and your experience at the University. It should take about 10 minutes to complete.

How can it help me?

You will get immediate feedback on the three key wellbeing and happiness factors: be, do and connect. You'll learn about opportunities available at the University to boost your wellbeing.

What if I need more help?

Happiness Pulse is not a mental health diagnostic tool, and your responses will not be monitored. If you have concerns about your mental health, speak to your GP or other healthcare professional. Or access the University's counselling services.

How can it help others?

The data collected will help the University to understand and improve the support it provides for all students to manage their wellbeing and personal resilience. Happy City will analyse the data in an anonymised format and only report on how well different groups and wards across the city are doing at an aggregated level.

How will my data be kept secure?

While you are not asked to provide any direct personal identifiers (such as name or date of birth) in response to the survey, some of the demographic information in conjunction with a full postcode or academic school could identify an individual in some circumstances, so is considered to be personal information.

All information submitted will be held securely by Happy City and in accordance with the Data Protection Act. Happy City will be the data controller of the personal information submitted and they are registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office to process personal information. Their registration number is ZA182288. View their contact details.

Happy City only use postcode information to identify the city wards people are located in. The data are then analysed using ward information, not postcodes.

User email addresses will only be used by Happy City for the purposes of keeping in touch with users about the project and will not be shared to any third parties.

Take your Happiness Pulse

What is Happy City?

Happy City is a charity and community interest company, founded in Bristol.

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Project Team

Many University staff have been involved with the Happy City Index project.

The team managing the rollout of the Happiness Pulse tool to our students are:

  • Mark Ames, Director of Student Services
  • Richard Edwards, Head of the Student Services Divisional Office
  • Sam Wren-Lewis, Head of Research and Development at Happy City

Student feedback

Happiness Pulse is a pilot. Over 3,000 people have tried it so far. We are keen to hear what you think. Please take this anonymous survey that only takes one minute to complete. 

Staff feedback

Happiness Pulse is a pilot. Staff feedback has already helped us make key changes pre-launch. Please send your comments to student-services@bristol.ac.uk.

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