Student feedback and surveys

Your voice is powerful and it can make a difference. Use it to tell us if we’re getting it right and what changes you’d like to see in future to make it better. Join us in workshops, take part in questionnaires, join advisory groups and get involved and make this University yours.

Have your say through the Bristol SU

Education Network

The Education Network provides a platform for students to come together and discuss academic issues and priorities. It exists to improve all students' educational experience at Bristol and it's open to all students. Find out how to get involved

Student reps

Bristol SU supports a network of around 600 reps who look out for you on issues around your course, your wellbeing and your experience.

Elections happen twice a year, and nominations for the next set open on Monday 28 January. Nominate yourself, or recommend a friend at

Who represents you?

In your lectures, during exams and in your free time it's a huge job making sure you're represented. Luckily we've got just the people to do the job, with a team of around 600 reps, all led by our six full time officers and the networks that they oversee.

Find out how the Bristol Students Union represents you on your course.

Postgraduate Research Experience Survey

Our Postgraduate Research Experience Survey (PRES) will be available to all postgraduate research students from the 25 March.

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