Big White Wall

Big White Wall (BWW) is a multi-award winning service designed to help people get support, take control and feel better. It provides 24/7 peer and professional support (with trained counsellors online at all times), plus a range of wellbeing tools to help people self-manage.

Over 1300 students at the University have used Big White Wall since we first made it available in 2014/15 academic year. Across all the Big White Wall users (not just those at the University), 95% of members reported feeling better as a result of joining and 73% shared something for the first time.

Whatever you are going through, Big White Wall is there to help.

Use Big White Wall (login with your University email address)

The service is anonymous, and the University will not know you have chosen to use Big White Wall.

To see more about how the service works:

Please note the online therapy option isn't available to students at the University unless you choose to pay for yourself.

If you wish to discuss the suitability of Big White Wall, you can do so with GPs at the Students' Health Service and counsellors at the Student Counselling Service.

How your Big White Wall subscription works

When you sign up, your have access six months from the date that you sign up.

If your subscription is about to end and you wish to continue using BWW, or your subscription has already lapsed and you want to start using BWW again, email from the email address you used to sign up. They will renew your subscription as soon as possible.

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