Welfare and pastoral care

We understand that throughout your time at Bristol you may find that you need more than academic support. The first point of contact for welfare and pastoral support is your academic school.

Undergraduate students have personal tutors and other colleagues based in their school. The terminology may differ in some schools, but personal tutors help you with your academic and personal development whilst you are at the University. You can also talk to your Senior Tutor.

Schools nominate non-academic staff who you can talk to instead of your personal tutor, if you prefer. 

The Mature Students and Peer Support Adviser provides support throught your time at university, email mature-students-adviser@bristol.ac.uk.

Postgraduate students have access to tutors and/or supervisors, depending on their programme.

If you live in a University or partnership residence, you will be supported by a pastoral team led by a Warden, who lives either in or near to your accommodation.

If you need more specialist support, you can access a range of student services and resources.

Who to talk to in your academic school

Your personal tutor is usually the first person to talk to. An alternative is your senior tutor. If you have a disability, you can talk to your School Disability Coordinator.

If you're thinking of leaving university

It is important to talk through your options with your personal tutor or Senior Tutor.

If you have a student loan for your fees or living costs, you should also talk to the Student Funding Office about how leaving university will affect your funding.

There may be other people you can go to for support, we recommend you contact them as soon as you can.

What to do in an emergency

Security Services are available 24 hours a day. Emergencies only call 0117 331 1223 (or 112233 from a University internal extension). If you need an ambulance then please call 999 first and then call Security Services immediately afterwards.

If a fellow student has a mental ill health emergency, please use the Mental ill health emergency response protocol (PDF, 984kB).

The Student Counselling Service does not offer emergency support but does have a list of local services which may be able to help. The list includes services open 24 hours.

If you find suicidal content on Facebook, you can report it online via the Facebook Help Centre. Facebook staff will then put the person you are worried about in touch with the Samaritans in the UK or a local suicide helpline elsewhere in the world.

Dealing with unacceptable behaviour

The University expects a high standard of behaviour from students and staff at all times.

The guidance for students explains what to do if you feel uncomfortable or upset at the way someone is treating you.

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