Move to a new room or residence

It is entirely normal to find things difficult when your first arrive at university. Although moving to a different room or residence can feel like the solution, there are other things we would suggest you try first.

Get support

We understand that you may feel unhappy in your room but want to assure you that there is support and help available. Speak to the team at your Student Support Centre if you are finding it hard to settle in.

Request a transfer

Complete the room transfer form to request a transfer. This form will be be available from 18 October 2021.

All transfer requests are considered equally and fairly, taking into account the information provided on the form. Include as much information as you can about a disability or medical need. This helps us to consider whether a room transfer is necessary or whether other solutions might be more appropriate.

We will contact you via email to let you know the outcome as soon as we can.

If a room transfer is agreed

There is only very limited availability for room transfers so it will not always be possible to move rooms.

If a transfer is agreed, you have two days to agree to the offer before it is cancelled. We will try to move you into your new room as soon as possible but the process can take up to a week. A £45 administrative and cleaning fee will be added to your rent charges.

Change room because of a maintenance issue

For other maintenance concerns, request a repair as explained in your residence guide. The facilities team for your residence will investigate and carry out any repairs. Dissatisfaction with a repair is not a valid reason to transfer rooms.

Change room because of a disability or health need

We have a range of rooms with adaptations for students with disabilities or health needs. Find out what to do if you feel your room does not meet your needs.

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