Wills Hall Guide

Please note the information in these guides is for current residents. Updated guides for 18/19 tenancies will be available from 1 August 2018.

Service or resourceSummary
Reporting absence It is very important that we know when you are away in case there is a fire or other emergency. To report your absence from hall please complete the absence form for Wills Hall.
Room access University staff and contractors will normally try to give 24 hours notice that access is required to a flat or bedroom, however in the case of an emergency immediate access may be necessary. See the University’s guidance for accessing accommodation (PDF, 120KB). Where a repair has been requested notice that access is required will be deemed to have been given. All University staff and contractors will carry identification and residents should always ask to see it.
Rent and tenancy dates

You can see the accommodation fees, or rent, for your residence by downloading the Undergraduate accommodation fees (PDF, 129KB) which also has details of your tenancy dates. Full information on how to pay your accommodation fees can be found on the Accommodation Office website.

Arrivals and moving in

You should download and print your arrivals leaflet (PDF), which has full instructions on where to go on moving in day. A friendly team, including Senior Residents and Junior Common Room officers, will meet you, give you your keys, and show you how to get to your room.

Please note that you will be told your room number on arrival at your accommodation only; we're unable to give you this information any earlier.

Welcome week activities will be taking place across your residence and the University to welcome you and give you the best introduction to University life. You'll find out more about the events at your residence on arrival, and through our Facebook Page and Junior Common Room.


Your bedroom will be supplied with a bed, mattress, desk, task lighting, chair, curtains/blind, drawers/shelving, wardrobe and waste receptacle. We do not supply bed linen, duvets or pillows. You can order these to be delivered to your residence before your arrival. 

For reasons of safety residents are not permitted to have their own heaters or cooking equipment such as toasters or kettles in their bedrooms. Any such items may be taken into storage by residence staff.

Bike storage

Wills Hall bike storage is accessible with a key which is provided to students on arrival. Bike Shed keys are available from Reception for £5.  You are asked to return your key to us when you vacate at the end of the year.  Students who do not return their keys will be charged the balance of the cost of replacing the key (£25).

Please read your contents insurance with regard to cover for your bike and ensure that it is stored as per the conditions of the cover. If the value of your bike is greater than the cover provided you should consider either extending your insurance policy or finding another suitable policy.  


Residents are expected to maintain their accommodation including communal areas in a clean and habitable condition. In particular they must wash up after themselves and participate in the recycling scheme that will be explained on arrival. Failure to observe adequate standards of cleanliness and hygiene may lead to the suspension of normal cleaning services, removal of goods or material and/or the imposition of charges for additional cleaning in addition to action under the Disciplinary Procedures.

Subject to the above and to staff availability, the cleaning provided in your residence as a minimum is shown below:

  • Halls and stairways - usually weekly
  • Kitchens - twice weekly
  • Bathrooms - daily
  • Bedrooms and en suite shower rooms - not serviced, student responsibility. Rooms are inspected once per term. 

Please note that cleaning of kitchens will not include disposal of rubbish or doing students’ washing up. 


A weekly information bulletin will be e-mailed to all members of hall, normally on a Wednesday. This will contain important information and details of up coming events in and out of hall. Urgent notices will be e-mailed out on an ad hoc basis. All e-mails will be sent to your Bristol University e-mail address. This is also the address that your department will use to communicate with you. You are asked to check your University e-mail at least once a day.

The hall has several notice boards. The board outside of the Student Support Adviser’s office will be used for official hall and University notices.

We have a digital display screen in the Reception area. Keep an eye on this for the latest news and announcements.

The notice boards on the stairs up to the Dining Hall and in the corridor leading to the bar are for Wills events and University and Union posters. The Catering noticeboard is on the stairs to the Dining Hall and this is where you can sign up for late or packed meals. Please check notice boards regularly.

All blocks also have notice boards which are used to publicise Hall matters. No fly-posting on the walls or windows around Hall is allowed. If you wish to display any posters please seek permission through the hall office. Flyposting or displaying promotional material without permission is prohibited. Students are also forbidden to promote non-University clubs (including the sale of tickets for a club whether or not at a profit) or engage in other commercial activities on residence grounds or premises. This does not apply to the sale of tickets by members of a JCR for a JCR-approved event at a club.

Staff are normally available on weekdays from 7:45am until 8pm. A Senior Resident is on duty every evening, including weekends. Details of who is on duty are in reception. The Senior Resident can be contacted on the mobile: 0778 551 8685 from 7.30pm until 11:30pm. If you have a problem after this time please call University Security on (0117) 92 87848.

Reception is usually staffed on weekdays from 7.45am – 12.30pm and from 4.30pm – 8pm. It is also open on Saturdays between 10am and 2pm. You may collect post during these hours. You should go to Reception if you need to be let you into your room if you are locked out. You can also purchase stamps and hire camp beds.

Please make an appointment through the Student Support Adviser if you wish to see the Warden.


Very occasionally students are unhappy with their accommodation or the services they are receiving. The Residences have a complaints procedure (PDF, 155KB) which details how you can submit a complaint to us.  

If you have taken your complaint through the agreed procedure you may take the case to the Office of the Independent Adjudicator for Higher Education, which provides an independent scheme for the review of student complaints. The OIA will consider cases only when the University’s own internal complaints and appeal procedures have been exhausted. It will not intervene on matters which turn purely on academic assessment.

Unresolved complaints may be directed to the UUK Student Accommodation Code


You will be charged for any cleaning, repairs or replacements needed to University property that go beyond normal wear and tear and which arise out of damage or negligence by yourself or your guests. This includes damage caused by affixing anything to the walls. Where damage occurs in a communal area such as a kitchen it may be charged to all the occupants of a flat, corridor or block. You have the right to appeal against any charge to your Residential Facilities Manager.

An example of charges is given below, please note that these may vary according to labour or costs involved (all charges are subject to depreciation). Charges are subject to an administrative fee of 15% up to a maximum of £50.

  • Clean one wall - £25
  • Repaint one wall - £100
  • Replace one mattress - £100
  • Clean one carpet - £50
  • Replace one carpet - £200
  • Clean one fridge, freezer, oven or hob - £30
  • Clean one kitchen, bedroom or bathroom - £55
Electrical equipment and portable appliance testing

All University owned electrical equipment is PAT tested when it is new and all University owned equipment is subject to regular testing. The University will not test any personal electrical equipment you may bring and we do not accept any liability for its safety. We do ask that you adhere to the following:

  • Any electrical appliances you bring must be British Standard approved and correctly wired.
  • Electrical appliances must not be used in bathrooms and showers unless designed for that purpose.
  • Mains extension leads can be used provided that the load on the extension is no more than 13 amps and use is limited to one lead per socket. Cables should be positioned carefully and not present a trip hazard or other risk.
  • All equipment must be suitable for use in the UK. The electricity supply in the UK is 220 – 240v.
  • You must not modify or interfere with the University’s electrical equipment. Any faults, possible hazards or safety concerns should be notified to a member of staff as soon as possible
  • Heaters and cooking equipment are not permitted in bedrooms and may be removed into storage.

The risk assessments for residential accommodation, in particular those which relate to fire, cover all electrical equipment which we anticipate a residential student will use. The University reserves the right to inspect residents’ electrical equipment and if in their view such equipment poses a risk then staff reserve the right to have the equipment PAT tested, take the equipment into safe keeping or request that you remove the equipment from the premises.


The University is committed to reducing our carbon impact and encourages residents to reduce energy and water use and participate in the various carbon reduction initiatives. All residents are asked to use energy responsibly. In particular to ensure that:

  • All gas or electrical items are turned off when rooms are empty unless required for security.
  • All laptops or PCs are set to hibernate or standby. To set your computer go to the start menu, select control panel, select power options (often found in Performance and Maintenance) then select standby or hibernate.

Students must familiarise themselves with the fire and safety regulations and procedures.

Fire alarm testing and drill: Fire alarms will be tested weekly on Wednesdays between 9am and 9:30am.  You do not need to evacuate during a fire alarm test.  If you hear a fire alarm at any other time or if the fire alarm sounds continuously for more than 10 seconds you must evacuate the building immediately.

Emergency Assembly Point: The assembly point for all students is the grass area behind Old Quad Houses I – M. No one should leave the assembly area until a roll call has been made and the building checked for safety. You must not return to evacuated buildings until told to do so by a member of staff. 

Fire Evacuation procedure:

  1. Residents must evacuate promptly if the alarm activates
  2. Shut doors behind you as you leave
  3. Shout 'FIRE' and knock on any bedroom doors on your escape route out of the building
  4. Go to the Assembly point and wait for Security
  5. Advise Security what you know, for example, if it's a real fire/where/what, is anyone still in building?
  6. Do not not re-enter the building until told to do so by an official university employee or the fire brigade.

Please read the Action in Case of Fire notice in your flat or on your corridor and make sure you have familiarised yourself with fire exit routes from your room and from communal parts of the residence.

The Residence is equipped with fire and smoke alarms, and with fire fighting equipment. This equipment must not be tampered with. All study bedrooms are equipped with smoke detectors and some are linked to the automatic fire alarm. These are very sensitive and are easily set off. False alarms cause disruption and annoyance to all other residents. False alarms also put lives at risk. If the fire and rescue service is dealing with a false alarm, they can’t go to help those in need at a real emergency, such as a fire or road traffic collision. Please do all you can to limit false alarms. The most common cause of false fire alarms is cooking setting off corridor alarms because the kitchen door has been propped open. The highest fire risks arise from cooking being left unattended or students using dirty pans especially grill pans.

Fire exit doors/routes must be kept free from obstruction at all times. Do not obstruct corridors and stairs. These must be clear so that in the event of a fire rapid exit from buildings is possible. This is one reason why bikes are not to be brought into buildings. Anything found to be obstructing a fire exit may be removed into storage without notice. The covering of fire safety signs is also prohibited.

First aid

First Aid Boxes are located in Wills Hall Reception, Bar and Dining Room.

Gardens and grounds

The gardens and grounds are maintained by the University’s Grounds Services. In the case of ice or snow access will be cleared by the residence porters or grounds services as appropriate. Please note that Residences’ gardens or grounds may be shared with other University Departments and may be used for events such as weddings or conferences.


We regret that we cannot have visitors aged under 16 staying in any of our residences. All overnight guests over the age of 16 must be registered by completing the Wills Hall guest form at least 48 hours in advance of their stay.

Please make sure the people sharing your accommodation are happy for you to have a guest staying. Guests should generally stay no more than 3 nights except in exceptional circumstances which you should discuss with your Student Support Adviser.


The University does not accept responsibility for residents’ personal possessions. Your first payment includes a fee for block contents insurance, it is essential that you check the cover provided is adequate to your needs.

Kitchens and pantries

Each kitchen /pantry is supplied with a minimum requirement of a microwave, kettle and toaster and refrigerator for food storage, plus a freezer in self-catered residences, depending on the number of users for each area. All equipment supplied by the University of Bristol will be maintained in good order and repair.

Remember that any electrical equipment you bring into your kitchen must be safe. Electrical appliances may be inspected by staff and removed to storage at their absolute discretion if in their view they may present a risk.


The launderette can be found on the ground floor of UVW block. On arrival at Hall you will be given a card to operate the machines. You will need this card to create an online account to add credit. Comprehensive instructions are above the machines. A wash cycle costs £2.20 and a drying cycle costs £1.

Any issues with the equipment please contact the suppliers, Wash Station, direct on their Freephone helpline. 0800 141 2331. This number is also on each of the machines.

Lost cards can be replaced at a cost of £10. Please visit Reception for a new card.


Residents are responsible for ensuring that the grounds are kept free of litter.

Lost keys and lock outs

If you are locked out of your room, please see Reception or the Senior Resident on duty and they will give you a spare key to let yourself back in. This must be returned to Reception within 48 hours or you will be charged £30 for the extra key.

If you find yourself locked out after 11:30pm then please ring University Security on (0117) 92 87848 and they will let you into your room. There is a telephone outside the main entrance doors at the front of the hall.

If you lose your keys, please report this as soon as possible to Reception. They will give you a replacement key for £30. If your lost keys are found within 48 hours and you return them to Reception, no charge is made. If a replacement lock needs to be fitted then you may be charged £80 for a replacement.

Lost property

The Accommodation Manager keeps items of lost property for 3 months and these are then disposed of.

Please enquire with the Accommodation Manager or Reception.


The postal address for Wills Hall is: Wills Hall, Parrys Lane, Stoke Bishop, Bristol, BS9 1AE. There is no need to include your room number.

All post to the hall goes through Reception. Letters are placed in the pigeonholes in the entrance halls. These are arranged in alphabetical order by surname.

Parcels and certain other items of post (for example cheque books) are retained in Reception and a list is put up indicating for whom such items have been received. You will need to show photographic ID (U Card, driving license or similar) to claim your post, which can be collected during Reception’s opening hours (7:45am – 12:30pm and 4:30pm – 8:00pm Mon – Fri, 10am – 2pm on Saturday).

If you wish to have a large or unusually heavy parcel delivered (‘large’ being bigger than a shoebox) then please make arrangements to be available in hall to collect it from the courier when the parcel is delivered. The hall receives a huge amount of post each day and space in Reception is limited. We are therefore unable to store large or heavy parcels which are not collected upon delivery and they will be left insecure in the main entrance.

The hall is unable to forward post on to you once you have moved out so please remember to change your addresses once you leave Wills – including internet delivery sites, bank statements and magazine subscriptions! Any post received for residents who have left hall will be returned to sender.


All University of Bristol residences are managed in compliance with Universities UK Code of Practice, a copy is available in the Hall office.

Meals and catering

Term time weekday meal times:
Breakfast: 07:30 – 09:00
Evening meal: 18:00 – 19:30 (Late meals can be booked in advance for collection up to 20:00hrs, weekdays only)

Term time weekend meal times:
Breakfast: 09:30 - 12:00 (cooked), 08:30 - 12:00 (continental)
Lunch: 12:00 - 13:30

A streamlined catering service is provided during the Christmas and Easter vacations, served from either Clifton Hill House or Churchill Hall.

Staff will ask to see your meal card before serving you.

Meals are provided for residents only. If you wish to bring a guest please inform a member of staff at the Servery. Any student who lends his or her meal card or misuses it in any other way will be charged for the meals taken and may face disciplinary action.

Meals are intended to be eaten in the dining hall, students should not remove food or crockery from the dining hall. Your dress in the Dining Hall should be such that it gives offence neither to staff nor fellow diners. Pyjamas, dressing gowns, sportswear, swimwear and bare feet are unacceptable. There are occasional formal meals when some formality of dress is expected. Alcohol should not be taken into the Dining Hall except during formal meals. Packed meals are available for residents unable to attend meals but 24 hours notice must be given to the Catering Manager.

Dietary requirements: please ensure you have told us about any food allergies via e induction

If you lose your meal card then please speak to the staff in the Dining Hall to see if it has been handed in to them. If it hasn't then you can order a new one from them and this will normally be made for you within 24 hours. A new meal card is £5, payable in cash or cheque (payable to the University of Bristol) and this can be paid either at the time of order or collection.

Medical care

You are advised to register with the University Students’ Health Service, registration events will take place throughout Arrivals’ Week.

Students with disabilities or special needs

If you have a disability or if you are ill or sustain an injury that could prevent you from leaving your accommodation in an emergency please ensure that you make your Student Support Adviser aware so that suitable measures can be put in place to enable you to live comfortably and safely in your residence.

PEEPs (Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan) are intended to be used to plan in advance for those who may need assistance or special arrangements during an emergency evacuation of the building.  The PEEP will be completed by the Accommodation Manager and the individual and be signed-off by the Fire Safety Adviser.


The University offers a limited number of residential parking permits to students living in University-allocated accommodation. Before bringing your vehicle to University-allocated accommodation, please ensure that you have applied for and obtained a parking permit.

Visitors and guests will also need to book and pay for parking in advance using the online system


All repairs must be reported using the Wills Hall online repair reporting form. Reporting a problem any other way may result in a delay in getting the repair seen to. 

Décor and furnishings will be maintained in good order in accordance with the relevant regulations, with regular checks taken on defects. Repairs are managed and carried out by the University’s Building Services who also ensure that the University complies with the Statutory Requirements of Legislation affecting the safe and efficient use of the residences. Building Services aims to respond to repair requests to a timetable:

  • Emergency (e.g. loss of water supply, major flood) - response within one hour, rectification as soon as possible but within 24 hours
  • Critical (e.g. loss of heating, cooking facilities) - response and repair commenced within 24 hours
  • Urgent (e.g. minor leak, blocked drain) - response and repair commenced with 5 working days
  • Routine (e.g. repair to non-essential furniture or kitchen equipment) - a specific date will be agreed usually within 5 weeks.
Rubbish and recycling

Recycling facilities are located:

  • In the garage in the car park behind Old Quad
  • At the back of UVW by the laundrette
  • Near the Warden’s Terrace

We provide recycling and composting facilities for all students at their halls of residence and also at every University building. You can recycle the following items:

  • Papers
  • Cardboard
  • Glass
  • Tins and cans
  • Plastics
  • Food waste
  • Clothes, shoes, bric-a-brac etc

For more information, see our green university pages. 


Emergency number (24 hour): 0117 331 1223 (internal 112233)

Non-emergency number: 0117 928 7848 (internal 87848)

Security is managed by the University’s Security Services in accordance with a Service Level Agreement. There are University Security patrols on duty throughout the night. 

Social spaces

We are fortunate in the range of facilities we have at Wills. As far as sport is concerned there are tennis courts, squash courts, an outdoor recreational area, an outdoor gym, a croquet lawn and plenty of open space. The squash courts and tennis courts are open for use by any student in Stoke Bishop and can be booked online. The door codes are available from Reception.

During the summer Wills students may borrow a croquet set from Reception on presentation of their U Card as a deposit.

Inside Wills we have a full size snooker table and a table tennis room. Again the codes are available from Reception and must be signed for by residents. The hall is unable to supply any sporting equipment to students.

There are lots of communal areas in the hall. Next to the Junior Common Room/Bar is the Old Court Lounge. This is home to one of the hall’s three grand pianos and students are welcome to practice in here outside of office hours. There is a selection of comfy chairs in here for relaxing and tables and WiFi coverage if students wish to come and work here.

The other grand pianos are in the Dining Hall and in the Chapel and we also have an upright piano in our music practice room in N House. These can be used for practice at any time of the day.

N House is home to the Quiet Lounge and there are more sofas in here. The Book Room is just down the corridor and provides room for quiet study. Students are welcome to borrow the books in here, as long as they are returned and the hall has recently purchased a selection of classic English and American literature for a little light reading outside of course books. N House is locked up at 11pm each evening.

There is a 24 hour study suite and table tennis room in Y block which is open to all Wills students. Please be considerate to others and leave the desks clear when you have finished in any study rooms so others can use the space. This is particularly important in the summer term.

There is a Bar in the Junior Common Room with a club licence, all hall residents being members of the Club. It is open 8pm-10.30pm daily, (11pm on Fridays and Saturdays) for club members and their guests. Alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks are available and you can pay by cash or card. In order to comply with our licensing rules you will need to show your Ucard to be served in the bar. You may bring guests to the bar but they must be signed in (ask the bar staff for the guest book). The Junior Common Room is open during the day and there is table football and a pool table in here. Pool cues are available to borrow from behind the bar during opening hours. There is also WiFi in here.

A Computer Room is available 24 hours a day for use by members of the hall. The door code is available from Reception and must be signed for. There are two fixed computers plus WiFi in here and the printer is networked to allow students to print from their accounts. Paper is supplied for printing; please ask in the Hall Office or Reception if more is required. Any problems with the equipment need to be reported to IT Services and the details to do this are on the wall in the Computer Room.

The hall chapel was built through the benefaction of Dame Monica Wills. It is part of this hall, but is used also by members of other Stoke Bishop halls. Services are held during term time, and the chapel is also kept quiet for personal meditation at certain times each week. It is also available for personal or group music practice. In 2008 through the generosity of the Wills Hall Association a pipe organ was installed in the Chapel, and is available for music practice, as are a grand piano and a harpsichord, stored in the side chapel. Please speak to the Warden before using the harpsichord or organ.

You can book the following rooms to use for meetings and certain events: the Old Court Lounge, the Quiet Room, the XYZ Study Room, the Chapel and the Book Room. Please see the Accommodation Manager for further information.

Television licenses

If you watch or record programmes as they’re being shown on TV – on any device – you need to be covered by a TV Licence. That includes a TV, laptop, tablet, mobile phone, games console, digital box, DVD/VHS recorder or anything else. Our residence licence doesn’t cover a student in their room, and your parents’ licence also won’t cover you.

You also need to be covered by a TV Licence to download or watch BBC programmes on demand, including catch up TV, on BBC iPlayer. This applies to any device and provider you use. For more information and to buy a license, visit the TV Licensing website.


Students wishing to transfer between residences should complete and return the transfer form which they will find on the accommodation office transfers page. No transfers will take place during the first two weeks of term. The accommodation office will contact students if a suitable room becomes available, priority for transfers will be given to anyone who needs to transfer because of a health problem or a disability. Students are expected to leave their rooms clean and ready for the new tenant.  A re-letting fee of up to £100 may be charged.

Students wishing to transfer rooms within their own residence should contact their student support adviser. No transfers will take place during the first two weeks of term. The Student Support Adviser will contact the student if a suitable room becomes available. Priority for transfers will be given to anyone who needs to move because of a health problem or a disability. A re-letting fee of up to £20 may be charged to cover the costs of administration, room cleaning etc.

Travel and transport

Students should not bring a car to Bristol unless it is essential, for example because of a disability. Bristol is a highly congested city and there are many restrictions on parking in place. The main University campus is contained within the Kingsdown Residents’ Parking Scheme area (KRPS) and the majority of on-street parking in and around the campus is subject to residential permits, meters and time limits. Sustainable travel is embedded within University culture and the University actively encourages the use of alternative methods of travel. Sustainable travel benefits your environment, your health and well-being as well as your finances. Information about your transport options can be found on our student travel webpages.

You can apply for a residence parking permit if having a car is essential.

If you wish to take a taxi to or from the Hall please ask to be picked up from outside Reception (Parry’s Lane entrance). If you are being dropped off, especially late at night, please ask taxis to pull into the Staff Car Park behind the Old Quad and walk back quietly to your room. Please do NOT take taxis to or from Hollybush Lane as the noise disturbs our neighbours.

All students in our undergraduate residences receive a bus pass for the U1 Bristol UniBus service.

Advice and support

If you are experiencing any difficulties with any aspect of your living situation or life at University, you are encouraged to contact your residence pastoral team, which is made up of your Student Support Adviser, Warden, Deputy Warden and Senior Resident team. You can get details of who is who and how to get in touch on our contacts page.

Other support is available from the Accommodation Office for help with all housing related problems, the Student Fees and Funding Office for help with all money problems, and Student Services, which provides access to a wide range of help and support. The Bristol Students’ Union also provides support and advice to all students on a range of issues.

Active residences

Active residences is a programme of free healthy physical activity opportunities for all students living in University-allocated accommodation, with hubs in Stoke Bishop, City Centre and Clifton. Visit the Active residences pages for full details and timetables.


Wills has a tradition of regular formal dinners, usually on Fridays. The dress code for formal meals requires all students to wear academic gowns and formal evening wear. The dress code for all residents (as appropriate to your gender identity) is jacket and tie or black tie, a cocktail dress or formal skirt and top or trousers and top (rather than a ‘ball dress’). National dress is also appropriate. Gowns will be available for purchase on arrival in Hall.

Students and guests attending formal meals must be in the dining hall by 7.20pm, and the convention is that when dinner has begun students do not leave the dining hall before the Warden closes dinner with the grace. This means in practice that if you leave (even to go to the bathroom) you may not be allowed back into the hall. Please do not leave the hall for a cigarette break during the meal. Diners are expected to remain seated for the duration of dinner and not wander around or otherwise impede the work of the serving staff.

The Warden and the SCR invite guests from across the University and beyond to sit on High Table and therefore good, well-mannered and courteous behaviour is expected from all those attending. You are allowed to bring an opened bottle of wine or a soft drink (but not spirits or beers) into a Formal, which you are encouraged to share with another diner.

There is limited space for guests at most formal meals. Places for all Formals, including guest tickets, can be reserved and paid for online. Most Formals are without charge (some are included in the rental charge, others are subsidised by the JCR or the Warden’s Fund); others are paid for via ticketing. All guests are ticketed and charged.

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In case of emergency

Call 999
Call University Security on 0117 3311223
Notify a member of hall staff (during the day) or the Senior Resident on Duty (after office hours).

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