Your Student Support Adviser

Miss Adele Wills 
0117 375 1093

Your SSA is responsible for the day to day administration and welfare of the student residents in your residence. She is available to provide support and advice on administrative and welfare matters concerning students.

Your Warden

Dr Steve Bullock

The Warden is ultimately responsible for all aspects of the residents' welfare and, along with the senior common room team, can advise on academic or personal matters and has pastoral and disciplinary responsibilities within the residence.

Your deputy warden

Miss Laura Frude

Laura supports the Warden in his role of providing pastoral support to all residents of the hall.

Duty Senior Resident

You senior resident team are here to provide support and assisitance. You can contact them on the following number at the times shown below:

07790 942 452

7pm - 11pm Mon - Fri
8pm - 11pm Sat - Sun

Contacting The Courtrooms staff

Reception: 0117 375 1090
Duty mobile: 07522 934 333

In case of emergency

Call 999
Call The Courtrooms on  07522 934 333.
Notify a member of The Student Housing Company staff and your SSA (during the day) or the Senior Resident on Duty (after office hours).

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