Flu immunisations

Influenza immunisation is offered to all patients who are within the groups that are considered to be most at risk from complications following an infection. Every year the flu viruses change and so it is important that people at risk get a flu immunisation each year. Since for some the consequences of flu can be quite severe the Department of Health strongly recommends that people in the following risk groups should be offered flu immunisation:

Influenza, or flu is an unpleasant condition and can make you feel very ill for several days with high temperature, aching limbs and weak muscles. It may also cause a dry cough, sore throat and runny nose. Fortunately it is a self limiting illness and most young healthy people do not need the protection of the vaccine.

For advice and information about what to look out for or what can be done to minimise the effects of a bout of flu please contact the surgery on 0117 3302720 (option 1) and ask for a telephone appointment with a nurse or call NHS 111 when we are closed.

If you are in an at risk group it can lead on to more serious consequences and so immunisation is a prudent precaution.You cannot catch flu from the vaccine.

You are most likely to catch flu in the winter and so immunisation is started from October onwards. All new students identified to be in the high risk group will be contacted and offered immunisation.

Recalls from last year

Those who are in a high risk group should have annual immunisation and will be contacted to make an appointment in one of the dedicated flu clinics. If you do not hear from us and are in a high risk group please contact  the Students' Health office in person or by phoning 0117 3302720 (option 2) to book an appointment. The office is open Monday to Friday 9:00-5:00.

If you have already received your flu vaccine elsewhere, please contact us with the details of the date and place it was given so we can add it to your records.