Mandatory training modules

It is vitally important that we are all aware of data protection and information security requirements in order to protect against breaches of the Data Protection Act and the consequences that such breaches can bring both for individuals and the University.
The two mandatory online training modules covering data protection/GDPR and information security and hosted in MyReview have now been decomissioned. New training content is being produced. This will include new online modules that will be compulsory for staff to complete as part of the induction and annual review processes. It will also feature a more sophisticated and layered approach to continuous training and awareness, including dedicated training for different staff groups, more regular and coordinated communications, and the ability to be more reactive to specific threats.
All staff are still required to complete data protection and information security training, so an interim training module covering these topics has been created. It should also be completed by any students undertaking reserach involving the collection and analysis of personal data. It can be accessed here:

Further training

The Information Governance Team can offer bespoke briefings and training sessions. Please contact for any enquiries or problems with the above training modules.