School research clusters

Within the school, there are concentrations of expertise in defined and externally-acknowledged clusters:

  • African and World Cinemas
  • Ancient Philosophy
  • British Film History
  • British Music
  • Colour
  • Comedy
  • Composition
  • Contemporary Performance Practice
  • Contemporary Film Industry
  • Cross-faculty philosophy research groups
  • Cultural and Biological Evolutions
  • Documentary
  • Ethics
  • Film History
  • Film Style and Aesthetics
  • Film and Television Genres
  • Integration of Technology into Performance
  • Materialities, Identities and Memory
  • Medieval and Early Renaissance Seminars
  • Music and Cultural Transfer, Transnationality and Colonialism
  • Music, Film and Theatre
  • Music as Performance
  • Music and Totalitarianism
  • New Materialities
  • Performativity of Material Culture and Archaeological Practices
  • Philosophy of Language and Mind
  • Philosophy of Logic, Maths, Physics and Biology
  • Plays and Theatre Practices
  • Politics and Economics of the Film Industry
  • Practice as Research in Performance and Screen
  • Reception Studies
  • Renaissance and Early Modern Studies
  • Revealing Human Lifeways
  • Screen Studies
  • Stage Mesmerism and Female Performer
  • Theatre History
  • Translation Practice and Adaptations for Performance

Faculty research centres

Members of the school are actively involved in the following faculty research centres, which provide a focus for collaborative and interdisciplinary work.

Other groups associated with the School

Research in the Faculty

Our research forms part of the overall research activities and strategies of the Faculty of Arts.

Active research projects

For a list of current research projects in the school, please see the faculty research website's list of active research projects.

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