A vital and vibrant research culture

The Faculty of Arts is internationally renowned for its research activity. The unique combination of individual disciplines and collaborations creates a vitality and vibrancy in the faculty's research structure.

Research centres

The Faculty of Arts hosts six Faculty Research Centres, which exist as hubs for innovative research that crosses disciplines.

Research clusters and collaborations

In addition to our leading research centres, we support interdisciplinary research clusters, giving early-career and more experienced academics the opportunity to collaborate on new areas of research.

The Faculty is also home to a number of institutes and collaborations which provide additional focus for interdisciplinary work.

School research

The schools and departments in the Faculty of Arts act as research hubs, each with their own vibrant research culture, contributing to the Faculty's overall mission.

Partner with us

Please contact us if you would like to explore how the University of Bristol can work in partnership with your organisation. If you work at the University, then we can also offer advice on finding and connecting with creative economy partners. 

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University of Bristol research

Academics from across the Faculty participate in thematic, multidisciplinary research spanning the breadth of our University. Find out more about University of Bristol research institutes.

Diachronic Dor

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