Facilities and equipment

The University has a number of high-spec, state-of-the-art facilities that are technically supported and available for use by external researchers and industry, search the list below for services or equipment.

If Bristol does not offer the service you require, try the wider regional Universities community - the GW4 partnership

Animal Behaviour Clinic
  • Behaviour consultation
  • Referring clinical cases
  • Residency programme
  • Separation related behaviours

Clinical Behaviour Office


Veterinary Services, Animal welfare  
Biological NMR Facility
  • High-field Nuclear Magnetic Resonance spectrometry
  • Protein and small molecule structure analysis
  • Protein-ligand binding studies

Matt Crump


NMR spectrometry  
Bristol Earthquake and Engineering Laboratory (BEELAB)
  • Seismic Qualification Testing (IEEE 344 and Bellcore specifications)
  • Earthquake engineering & Seismic analysis
  • Structural Dynamics & testing
  • Dynamic testing
  • Finite element analysis
  • Fluid-structure interaction

Adam Crewe


Structural analysis, Structural testing Shaking Table / Earthquake Simulator, Signal processing and modal analysis software, Hammer testing, Single and Multi-point vibrators, Prototype monitoring equipment, Vision-based displacement measurements, HPC computing, ANSYS, SOLVIA, SAP, FLUSH and in-house packages
Bristol Genomics Facility
  • Next generation sequencing
  • Microarray expression analysis
  • High throughput Genotyping
  • Real-time quantitative PCR
  • Capillary sequencing and genotyping
  • DNA and RNA analysis and quality assessment
  • Bioinformatic support

Jane Coghill or Christy Waterfall


DNA & RNA analysis Affymetrix®microarrays, Agilent 2100 Bioanalyser, Illumina sequencing, Life Technologies Ion ProtonTM, Life Technologies PGMTM, ABI 3500, Roche LightCycler®
Centre for Nanoscience & Quantum Information (NSQI)
  • Low & ultra low vibration research spaces
  • Soundproof chamber
  • Technically supported

Fred Hale or Peter Dunton


Low vibration space

purpose built low noise and ultra-low noise labs: set in the basement, these labs achieve vibration levels lower than the lowest recognised criteria (Vibration Criteria G - VC-G). As well as anti-vibration measures, the labs are also protected from electrical noise, Mixed lab space, a sound proof chamber, class 1000 clean room, two sample preparation labs, tissue culture room
Chemical Imaging Facility
  • SEM, TEM & AFM
  • Nanoscale imaging and analysis
  • Full technical and training support

Sean Davis  


Imaging, analysis, electron microscopy, atomic force microscopy

JEOL 200 Kv Field Emission Gun TEM 2100F with STEM, electron diffraction, Gatan digital camera, Oxford Instruments Energy Dispersive X-ray analysis system (80mm2 SSD; Aztec). Gatan Cryo holder and heating holder.
JEOL 120 Kv 1400 TEM with Gatan digital camera
JEOL 120 Kv 1200 Mk2 TEM with SIS digital camera
JEOL SEM IT300 LV with Oxford Instruments Energy Dispersive X-ray analysis system (80mm2 SSD; Aztec)
JEOL Field Emission Gun SEM 6330 with Gatan Cathodoluminescence and Oxford Instruments Energy Dispersive X-ray analysis
Bruker Multimode 3 with Quadrexed Nanoscope 3D controller
Bruker Multimode 8 PeakForce QNM allowing conductivity and quantitative material property (including modulus, adhesion, deformation, and dissipation) mapping.
Vacuum coating (C and Pt/Pd, Au)
Critical point drying and freeze-drying

Chemical Mass Spectrometry Facility
  • LC-MSn
  • Nano-LC-MS
  • IMS-MS
  • Accurate mass, EI, CI, ESI, nanospray and Maldi MS

 Paul Gates


Mass spectrometry, material analysis  

Thermo Scientific Orbitrap Elite High resolution (MSn) mass spectrometer with UPLC/HPLC.

Waters Synapt G2S IMS-TOF mass spectrometer with Nanomate source.

Bruker Daltonics UltrafleXtreme 2 High resolution MALDI-TOF/TOF mass spectrometer.

Bruker Daltonics micrOTOF Focus II High resolution TOF mass spectrometer.

Applied Biosystems 4700 Proteomics MALDI-TOF/TOF mass spectrometer.

Bruker Daltonics Esquire 6000 Ion-trap mass spectrometer with HPLC.

VG Autospec 3 sector (double focussing) mass spectrometer 

Chemical NMR Facility
  • Solution state Nuclear Magnetic Resonance spectrometry of small molecules
  • Multinuclear and diffusion NMR
  • Molecular structure and mixture analysis

Craig Butts


NMR spectrometry


Bruker 700 MHz spectrometer with 1.7 mm cryoprobe

Bruker Avance 400

Bruker Avance 300

Bruker 500 MR NMR Spectromer  with 13C cryoprobe

JEOL Eclipse 300 NMR Spectrometer

JEOL ECS 400 NMR Spectrometer

JEOL ECS 300 NMR Spectrometer

Varian 400 MR NMR Spectrometer

Varian 500 VNMRS NMR Spectrometer

Varian INOVA 600 MHz NMR Spectrometer

Varian VNMRS 600 spectrometer with cryoprobe 

Clinical Research and Imaging Centre (CRICBristol)
  • Siemens 3 Tesla MRI scanner and sleep laboratories
  • Studies in healthy volunteers and clinical populations
  • Full technical and training support


Imaging, Clinical studies, MRI 3T MRI scanner, sleep study rooms, clinical examination rooms, wet lab
Electron Microbeam Laboratories
  • Nanoscale imaging and quantitative compositional analysis
  • Training in Electron Microscopy and X-ray microanalysis methods

Stuart Kearns


Imaging, materials analysis, electron microscopy, spectropscopy


Scanning Electron Microscopy, Electronprobe Microanalysis, Hitachi S-3500N variable pressure microscope equipped with Thermo Noran energy dispersive spectrometer (EDS x-ray detector), environmental secondary electron detector (ESED) and BSE detector, JEOL JXA8530F Hyperprobe, Field Emission Gun electron source, Cameca SX100 microprobe, 5 wavelength dispersive spectrometers and 1 energy dispersive spectrometer.
Histology Services
  • Fresh & fixed, frozen sectioning
  • Fixation & staining
  • Wax processing
  • Immunocytochemistry
  • Immunofluoresent staining
  • Image capture
  • Consultancy

Debbie Martin


Clinical studies, Histology, Histochemistry


Fresh frozen sectioning, thin Cryostat, Fixed frozen sectioning, thin Cryostat, Fixed frozen sectioning, thick Sliding microtome with peltier stage, Fixed & unfixed human tissue sectioning, Wax sectioning Rotary microtome, Fixative preparation, Stain preparation, Provision of consumables to other users, Tissue freezing facility, Knife sharpening service, Wax processing service, routine or specialised, Staining Routine laboratory staining, Specialist staining, Histochemical stains, Immunocytochemistry, Immunofluoresent staining, Image capture facilities, Consultancy, Advice on processes & protocols, troubleshooting all aspects of histology
ICP-OES facility
  • Inductively Coupled Plasma - Optical Emission Spectrometry
  • Trace analysis of aqueous solutions
  • Metal, CA, Na and K ion detection
  • Soil leachate analysis

Chung Choi


Analysis, spectroscopy Agilent 710 ICP-OES, Inductively Coupled Plasma Optical Emission Spectrometer
Interface Analysis Centre (IAC)
  • Materials analysis
  • Focused Ion Beam (FIB)
  • Electron & Optical microscopy
  • Spectroscopy
  • X-ray diffraction
  • Thermogravimetric Calorimetry (DSC)

Keith Hallam


Imaging, materials analysis, electron microscopy, spectropscopy, optical microscopy JEOL JAMP30 Auger Electron Spectrometer, FEI combined focused ion beam and electron microscopes, Solartron 1260 impedance spectrometer, VG Plasmaquad 3 Inductively Coupled Plasma - Mass Spectrometer, Optical microscopes, Particle adhesion force measurement rigs, Renishaw 100 & 2000 Raman spectrometers, Scanning electron microscopes (SEM), VG Ionex IX23LS time-of-flight secondary ion mass spectrometer (SIMS), Siemens [Bruker] D500 X-ray Diffractometer (XRD), Kratos XSAM800 X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (XPS), VG Scientific Escascope XPS, furnaces, autoclaves, tensometers, hardness testers.
Langford Veterinary Services
  • Small Animal Hospital
  • Equine Centre
  • Farm Animal Practice
  • Small Animal Practice Bristol & Cardiff
  • Diagnostic Laboratories

0117 928 9420
(Small Animal Hospital)

0117 928 9621
(Equine Centre)

01934 852 422
(Small Animal Practice)

01934 852 650
(Farm Animal Practice)

Veterinary services, Animal welfare Outpatient Services, Behaviour, Cardiorespiratory Service, Dermatology, Emergency and Critical Care Unit, Feline Centre, Imaging, Internal Medicine, Neurology / Neurosurgery, Orthopaedics, Pain Management & Anaesthesia, Physiotherapy and Hydrotherapy, Radioactive Iodine, Screening Unit, Soft Tissue Surgery, Dentistry, Gastroenterology, Diagnostic Imaging (MRI, CT scans, X-ray), Neonatology, Neurology & Headshakers, Orthopaedics, Pain Management & Anaesthesia, Poor Performance, Soft Tissue Surgery, Beef Farmers, Camelid Farmers, Consultancy, Dairy Farmers, Pig Farmers, Sheep & Goat Farmers, Smallholders, Youngstock, Cat-Friendly Clinics, Home Visits, Hydrotherapy & Physiotherapy, Interactive Symptom Checker, Nurse Clinics, Pet Drop-Off Service, Puppies & Kittens, Rabbits, Small Furries and Exotic Pets, Surgery & Orthopaedics, X-Ray, CT, MRI & Ultrasound, MDU - PCR & Acarus, Cytology, Profiles and Screens, Biochemistry-Endocrine, Haematology, Histopathology, Meat Spoilage, Microbiology, Virology-Serology
MRC Integrative Epidemiology Unit Metabolomics NMR Facility
  • Quantitative, high-throughput metabolic profiling of human serum/EDTA-plasma
  • Metabolite profiling

Matt Goodwin



Janus loquid handling robot
Bruker 500MHz NMR Spectrometer
Bruker 600MHz NMR Spectrometer

Mycoplasma Testing Service
  • Cell Line Authentication
  • Repository Production
  • Over Passaging of Cells
  • Cross Contamination
  • Infection Identification and Control
  • Quarantine

Caroline Jarrett or Sue Christie

mdceb@bristol.ac.uk or sue.christie@bristol.ac.uk

Clinical Studies, Cell culture  
Proteomics Facility
  • Protein Separation
  • Protein identification
  • Quantitative Proteomics (SILAC, TMT)
  • Phosphoproteomics
  • Serum Proteomics
  • LC-MS service

Kate Heesom


Proteomics Mass Spectrometers: Thermo Scientific LTQ-Orbitrap Velos Mass Spectrometer with up-stream Dionex Ultimate 3000 nano-LC system, Applied Biosystems 4700 MALDI Tof/Tof, Applied Biosystems Qstar (with Dionex Ultimate HPLC system and Advion Nanomate), Bruker 7.0T FTICR-MS

2D Gel Equipment: GE Healthcare IPGphor3 Isoelectric Focussing Units, GE Healthcare Ettan DALT Twelve and Six Separation Units, GE Healthcare DALT Twelve Gel caster, GE Healthcare Typhoon 9400 Variable Mode Imager, DigiLab UK Ltd. Investigator ProPic Automated 2D spot picker, DigiLab UK Ltd. Investigator ProGest Automated proteolytic digestion Unit

Science faculty Workshop
  • Mechanical, glass and electrical engineering
  • Design, prototyping, manufacture & testing

Adrian Crimp


Design, manufacturing, testing SMD re-work station, Water jet cutting, CNC milling, Manual milling and turning, Comprehensive fabrication facilities, including laser, MIG/TIG and MMA welding, traditional hot glass manufacturing equipment, glass diamond saws & grinders.
Wolfson Bioimaging Facility
  • Latest-state-of-the-art Light and Electron Microscopy
  • Cell & life sciences imaging for biological and biomedical research

Mark Jepson (Light microscopy) or Paul Verkade (Electron microscopy)

m.a.jepson@bristol.ac.uk or p.verkade@bristol.ac.uk

Imaging, electron microscopy, optical microscopy

Leica AOBS SP2 confocal imaging system, Leica SP5 confocal imaging system, Leica SP8 confocal system (with resonant scanner and hybrid detectors), Ultraview Spinning Disk, Widefield imaging system, TIRF microscope, Temperature control and perfusion, Tecnai 12 -FEI 120kV BioTwin SpiritTransmission Electron Microscope (TEM), Tecnai 20 -FEI 200kV Twin Lens Scanning Transmission Electron Microscope (STEM), Quanta 400FEI Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM), Vitrobot, High Pressure Freezer, Freeze Substitution, Cryoultramicrotome, Ultramicrotome, Preparation Equipment


Multiphoton microscopy, Fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy (FLIM), super-resolution microscopy, Stimulation emission depletion (STED), Flurescence correlation spectroscopy (FCS), Fluorescence microscopy, Phase-contrast
Differential interference contrast (DIC), Microfluidics, Correlative light electron microscopy (CLEM), cryofluorescence microscopy, photo-oxidation microscopy


X-ray Diffraction Facility
  • Single crystal X-ray structure determination (90-400K)
  • Absolute structure determination
  • Routine powder X-ray diffraction measurements
  • Variable temperature powder X-ray diffraction measurements (16-300K)

Hazel Sparkes


X-ray diffraction, structure determination, single crystal analysis, powder X-ray diffraction  

Bruker D8 Advance Diffractometer Powder diffractometer

Bruker Microstar Rotating Anode Copper Diffractometer

Bruker Kappa Apex II Molybdenum sealed tube single crystal diffractometer 

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