Why choose Bristol?

Fun and adventure

We work with ideas, people and techniques that we enjoy. Simply put, we want to find students who will share a sense of fun and adventure in our science.

Excellent teaching

A collegiate, interactive and friendly atmosphere, with small staff-student ratios, is the perfect environment to share our aptitude and passion for psychological science.

World-class research

Our research is ranked at the top of the scientific field both in the UK and at an international level. The school has a long tradition of supporting some of the most brilliant minds in psychology, with specialist research in most areas of cognition and in the links between brain and behaviour.

Finding expertise and knowledge

Staff are diverse in backgrounds and experience, but united in their meticulous, astute and inspired approach to scientific enquiry.

Ideal location

We make the most of the neuroimaging facilities at Bristol's Clinical Imaging and Research Centre CRICBristol and our extensive connections and collaborations with NHS Bristol hospitals. We share and progress our science when engaging the public through our connections with the @Bristol centre, the media and schools across the city.

Quality of life

Bristol is a historical, cultural and well-connected city that is large enough to be stimulating, yet small enough to be friendly. It is a 'green capital', leading the way on environmental issues and sustainability, with excellent public transport (although you can cycle or walk to most places of interest).

It has a vibrant, active and stimulating arts and cultural scene; from late-night hip-hop, to afternoon theatre, to lunch-time classical concerts; there is much to entertain. As a historical gateway to South-west England, mountain-walking in Wales, surfing in Cornwall, and festivals in Somerset are all within easy distance: no wonder students love living here.

There's always help from someone and some lecturers are incredible. Make good use of the resources and the staff's expertise to get as much help as you need.

Samantha (BSc Experimental Psychology),
What our undergraduates say

There wouldn't be many other universities that would put together a group of students from a variety of science disciplines with a common interest of camouflage.

Tim (PhD Psychology (Computational Neuroscience)),
What our postgraduates say

What our external examiners say

"This continues to be an excellent programme, producing exceptionally well equipped graduates."

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