The University Day Nursery is staffed by permanent qualified nursery practitioners and teachers. The majority of staff are full-time and staff turnover is very low. Great emphasis is placed on staff working together as a team.

The nursery will appoint the best person for each job whilst complying with Ofsted regulations.

Please note that all staff are available to answer any queries and discuss anything related to the care of your child at a mutually suitable time.

The Nursery Manager

Justine is the Nursery Manager. She has an NNEB Diploma in Nursery Nursing and has been with the nursery for over 20 years. She has endless enthusiasm and patience.

Nursery Staff

All our nursery practitioners are qualified in childcare and the majority have several years experience. In addition, two staff members hold Early Years Professional Status.

All members of staff are encouraged to further their childcare qualifications and to gain experience through additional training, external workshops and in-house courses.

Staff levels

A minimum ratio of one staff member to:

is maintained at all times while children are on the premises.

A minimum of two staff are on duty at all times. A senior member of staff and a qualified first aider are available at all times.