The University Nursery Parents' Association

The nursery is run by the University Nursery Parents' Association (UNPA), of which every parent with a child at the nursery is automatically a member and has to pay a £5 membership fee. UNPA is a non-profit making, limited company with charitable status set up specifically to manage the nursery under the terms and conditions negotiated with the University of Bristol. The University's involvement is limited to setting the terms on which UNPA operates within the conditions set by the licensing body Ofsted Early Years.

The general policy of UNPA is to be flexible in regard to individual parents' needs for care and attention of their children, whilst at the same time recognising the need to be clear on arrangements in the best interest of both the parents and staff.

The UNPA Committee

UNPA elects a committee consisting of at least eight parents, the majority of whom are university parents, i.e. parents who either study or work in the University. The committee meets monthly to deal with matters of policy and routine administration brought to it by staff and parents.

The committee is vital to the continuing well-being of the nursery. It sets the level of fees to cover the costs of staff salaries, refreshments and lunches, public utilities, toys and equipment. It aims to meet the costs without either running into arrears or making a profit.

Parent involvement

Parental help is essential in many areas of nursery life. Parents are encouraged to become involved in the running of the nursery, either by serving on its committee, through DIY, or by helping with a specific activity. Parents who have some spare time are welcome in the nursery during the nursery day, to help a small group of children with a specific activity such as woodwork, cooking or clay, or accompanying us on the leavers' annual outing. Please contact the Nursery Manager with ideas and offers of help.