The nursery occupies two sunny Victorian houses situated just behind the University Library ( See map).

Downstairs the nursery comprises of two entrances, the baby room (3 months to 1 year olds), toddler room (1 to 2 year olds), and the kitchen and wash room areas. In the entrance hallways all current information about on-going events and meetings is displayed. There you will find the staff and parent notice boards.

Upstairs the nursery consists of two spacious rooms for the 'cubs' (2 to 3 year-olds) and the 'lions' (3 to 4 year-olds). The nursery's office and staff rooms are also to be found there.

The building and the garden are designed to make sure the children are as safe as possible at all times. The front doors are locked at all times with a video intercom allowing parents and children to be let in with the help of a member of staff only. Smoke detectors are fitted in all rooms and three fire doors open onto the garden.

At the back of the nursery building we have a large garden which the children can use freely, accessing loose parts, exploring the mud kitchen, riding the bikes, playing in the sand, discovering in the secret garden, using the water play area and much more. There is a seperate small garden for the babies so they can, safely, enjoy the outdoors and interact with their peers. The entire surface of the garden is fitted with wet pour surface.