Introduction to Economic Evaluation

An online short course

This course aims to provide an introduction to the theory and practice of assessing value for money in health and care.

Course date 2 - 4 Febuary 2022
Course fee £660
Course structure Taught over 3 consecutive full days.
Course Organisers Professor William Hollingworth & Dr Joanna Thorn


Please ensure you meet the following prerequisites before booking:

Knowledge No previous experience or knowledge of economics is required. As Microsoft Excel will be used for practical sessions, some experience of using Excel would be helpful.
Software Course attendees will need access to a recent version of Excel to complete some of the practical sessions.


Course format

This 3-day course will be online and will comprise a mix of live and pre-recorded lecture material, interspersed with practical sessions. Attendees should allow approximately 6 hours for each of the three days of the course.

Course objectives

By the end of the course participants should be able to:

  1. understand the rationale for measuring cost-effectiveness within the health and care sectors;
  2. distinguish between different forms of economic evaluation and, in a given context, give an explanation as to which approach should be used;
  3. explain the techniques used to measure and value costs and benefits (including QALYs and capability measures) in an economic evaluation;
  4. understand the basic methods of model-based economic evaluation;
  5. interpret the results of an economic evaluation;
  6. critically appraise published economic evaluations; and
  7. understand how economic evaluation influences local and national decision-making in England.

Who the course is intended for

The course intended for public health, NHS and social care professionals and researchers who are, or will be, involved in research projects that evaluate the cost-effectiveness of health and care. The course will also be useful for professionals who would like a better understanding of the quality of published economic evaluations and how they feed into local and national decision making.

No previous experience or knowledge of economics is required. As Microsoft Excel will be used for practical sessions, some experience of using Excel would be helpful.

Course outline

The course contains lectures as well as practical sessions that provide a hands-on introduction to economic evaluation in healthcare. There will be opportunities for participants to appraise published economic evaluations and discuss their own planned and ongoing economic evaluation research topics.

The topics covered include:

  1. Why do we need economic evaluation of health care interventions and what are the theories that inform evaluation?
  2. Key concepts in using health and care resources efficiently.
  3. Identification, measurement and valuation of resource use to create costs.
  4. Identification, measurement and valuation of health benefits and benefits beyond health, including the use of quality-adjusted life years (QALYs) and capability measures.
  5. Presenting and interpreting the results of economic evaluations.
  6. Applying decision analysis and Markov models in economic evaluation.
  7. Critically appraising the quality of published economic evaluations.
  8. Translating economic evidence into health policy.

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Really great overview of health economics and you led us through the processes and concepts really well. I genuinely now feel like I can understand health economics papers and could have a sensible conversation with a health economist about including it in a trial.

Course feedback, February 2022

Very good online blackboard system and really easy to use. Very organised. Amazing useful and relevant content.

Course feedback, February 2022
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