Accommodation fees and contracts

Accommodation fees are set by the University annually and are normally payable in one (October) or three (October, January and April) instalments. The first instalment includes a deposit, a personal possessions insurance premium and Junior Common Room subscription. See the Accommodation Office web site for your payment options.

Manor Hall’s computer roomManor Hall’s accommodation fees vary according to the size and type of room (with or without basin, en suite, etc.) and the facilities of the building allocated. As we have a number of different buildings, this means we have quite a few accommodation fee levels.  In 2013/14 the accommodation fees for the various room types are:

Single (without wash basin) at £3505.88 or £3638.88 - Richmond House annexe (male)

Single (without wash basin) at £4303.12 - Sinclair House flats

Single with wash basin at £4099.06 - Manor House annexe (female) or Tottenham Place annexe (male)

Single with wash basin at £4394.32 or £4692.24 - the main building

Shared without wash basin at £2793.00 - Richmond House annexe

Shared without wash basin at £3059.00 - the main building

Shared with wash basin at £2926.00 - Manor House annexe (female) or Tottenham Place annexe (male)

Shared with wash basin at £3192.00 - the main building

Ensuite - 30-35 Richmond Terrace.

The rooms in Richmond Terrace vary in size and there are three fee bands for the building - ENS1 (smaller), ENS2, and ENS3 (larger).

For further information on University of Bristol undergraduate accommodation fees see the Accommodation Office web pages.

All rooms have direct access to the internet through the University's ResNet service.

The undergraduate accommodation contract for Manor Hall is for 38 weeks and runs from the day before the start of the autumn term until the day after the end of the summer term. Residents are not required to vacate their study bedrooms or clear them of their personal possessions during the Christmas and Easter vacations. A limited number of Semester 1 or Semester 2 only accommodation contracts are also available for Study Abroad and Erasmus students.

For details of the accommodation contract see: Student Residence Conditions 2013/14.

All University owned residences are managed in compliance with the UUK Code of Practice

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