About us

Project Team

Professor Rachel Murray (Principal Investigator), HRIC Director 

Debra Long (Bristol), Co-Deputy Director

Paige Spicer (Bristol), HRIC Administrator

Americas Team

Professor Clara Sandoval (Essex), Co-investigator 

Africa Team

Professor Frans Viljoen (Pretoria), Co-investigator 

Victor Ayeni (Pretoria), Research Associate 

Augustin Some (Pretoria), Research Associate

Europe Team

Professor Philip Leach (Middlesex), Co-investigator 

Dr Alice Donald (Middlesex), Co-investigator 

Anne-Katrin Speck (Middlesex), Research Associate 

Partner Contact

Dr Christian De Vos (Open Society Justice Initiative)

Advisory Board

The purpose of the‌‌ HRLIP Advisory Board is to provide advice, inform and support the Project. The Board comprises of national and international academics and practitioners, who have been chosen for their knowledge, skills and experience.

In-Country Consultants

The list of HRLIP in-country consultants can be found here: hrlip-in-country-consultants (PDF, 440kB).

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