Africa Team

The Africa research team are tracking selected decisions from the regional and UN human rights treaty bodies involving Burkina Faso, Cameroon and Zambia. These States have been chosen for the research based on a range of specific criteria, including inter alia that collectively they enable the research team to track decisions adopted by the African Commission and Court as well as the UN Human Rights Committee, thereby making it possible for the research team to examine and compare approaches to the implementation of decisions from different bodies.

The decisions being tracked are as follows:

Burkina Faso

African Commission:

  • Mouvement Burkinabé des Droits de l’Homme et des Peuples, Communication No.204/97, May 2001

African Court:

  • Beneficiaries of Late Robert Zongo et al., Application No. 013/2011, December 2014
  • Lohé Issa Konaté, Application No. 004/2013, December 2014

UN Human Rights Committee:

  • Sankara et al, Communication No. 1159/2003, March 2006


African Commission:

  • Mbiankeu Genevieve, Communication No. 389/10, May 2015
  • Jean-Marie Atangana Mebara,  Communication No. 416/12,  August 2015
  • Association of Victims of Post Electoral Violence & INTERIGHTS, Communication No. 272/03, November 2009
  • Kevin Mgwanga Gunme et al, Communication No. 266/03, May  2009
  • Annette Pagnoulle (on behalf of Abdoulaye Mazou), Communication No. 39/90_10AR, April 1997
  • Embga Mekongo Louis, Communication No. 59/91, March 1995

UN Human Rights Committee:

  • John Njie Monika, Communication No. 1965/2010, October 2014
  • Ebenezer Derek Mbongo Akwanga, Communication No. 1813/2008, March 2011
  • Pierre Désiré Engo, Communication No. 1397/2005, July 2009
  • Dorothy Kakem Titiahonjo, Communication No. 1186/2003, November 2007
  • Philip Afuson Njaru, Communication No. 1353/2005, May 2007
  • Gorji-Dinka, Communication No. 1134/2002, May 2005
  • Mazou, Communication No. 630/1995, 2001
  • Mukong, Communication No. 458/1991, 1994


African Commission: 

  • Legal Resources Foundation, Communication No. 211/98, May 2001
  • Amnesty International, Communication No. 212/98, May 1999

UN Human Rights Committee:

  • Chiti, Communication No. 303/2004, August 2012
  • Kamoyo, Communication No. 1859/2009, April 2012
  • Mwamba, Communication No. 1520/2006, April 2010
  • Chisanga, Communication No. 1132/2002, November 2005
  • Chambala, Communication No.  856/1999, July 2003
  • Chongwe, Communication No.  821/1998, October 2000

Under the project the Africa team have undertaken desk-based research to prepare baseline studies on each of the countries which have then informed the in-country activities and areas of engagement at the national level. Two roundtable stakeholder consultations have been held in each of these three countries involving representatives from the executive, parliament, the judiciary and civil society. The research also involves semi-structured interviews with a range of stakeholders to examine the extent of implementation with the chosen decisions on individual communications, identify national and supranational measures and procedures relating to implementation and factors that may influence the level of implementation of decisions. 

Additional research activities involve preparing expert submissions and providing technical support to processes at the regional level aimed at strengthening monitoring of implementation of decisions; as well as presentations to and participation in relevant regional and international seminars and conferences.

Members of the African research team also regularly attend the Ordinary Sessions of the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights, held biannually. This participation enables the research team to engage with members and staff of the African Commission; to make formal statements during the sessions; and to carry out additional interviews and stakeholder consultations.

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