Think Big Development Programme

Our Think Big scholarships are about more than funding. In addition to financial support, we also offer scholars the opportunity to take part in our exceptional Think Big Development Programme.

What is the Think Big Development Programme?

At the University of Bristol, we want to guide our students to achieve their full potential - both in their academic studies and through personal development.

To support these bright minds, the University has partnered with the Ashinaga Foundation UK to deliver a bespoke leadership and development programme that cultivates our five Think Big qualities. These are based on broader ideas of risk-taking, time management, proactivity, openness, and self-awareness through reflection.

We want to empower all aspects of our scholars' potential and help them achieve their goals at university and beyond.

Programme structure

The programme is delivered as a combination of personal work and in-person events and workshops. Personal work enables scholars to further their development in their daily lives at their own pace. Our events throughout the year allow scholars the opportunity to share ideas, network, further their presentation skills, and exchange experiences.

Facts and figures

  • 98% of the participants have said that they would endorse the programme to future international applicants.
  • 94% have stated that their experience as an international scholarship student was improved due to the workshops and resources.
  • 96% felt that the programme helped them develop transferable skills that prepared them for their future plans - whether in employment or further education.
  • 98% felt more confident in their ability to make decisions and act on them.

This data is based on a joint survey with Ashinaga UK, conducted with previous participants of the programme.

Who is eligible for the Think Big Development Programme?

The Think Big Development Programme is offered to all Think Big international scholarship recipients, as well as a selection of our partner international scholarship programmes. If you are eligible to participate in the programme, you will be contacted by the University after the start of the term in September.

How can I apply?

Find out more about applying for an international scholarship.

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